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Someone dropped a fairly new LG Optimus Fuel phone into the tub. I had to tear it apart. It was really amazing how easy it was to take apart. INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the back cover. Remove the battery. Remove back gray plastic. Unplug two connectors, they pull straight out. Remove the circuit board. 'cause "where does it stop?" What kind of stupid question is that? The Husband is an insulin-dependent diabetic, and his drug use stops at the limit of the prescription and in cooperation with his doctor. I had an infection once that required drugs. The Mother/Grandmother is on a couple of drugs. Useful things, drugs. Sheesh. "Where does it stop?" I know that where it stops should not be up to some lame politician who claims that only a black politician can represent a black constituent but doesn't seem to mind that the only candidates running are men. I’m afraid that if we utilize any form of drugs, where does it stop?”. The Huddersfield Daily Examiner reports that a first edition of Anne Brontë's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall is going under the hammer today at Bonham's as part of The Library of the late Hugh Selbourne, MD. premium. The Houston Chronicle highlights the Brontëite in writer Kazuo Ishiguro. Even before he spoke English, he enjoyed Westerns on television, and later, was hugely influenced by the novels of Charlotte Brontë, particularly Jane Eyre and Villette. I also get requests every now and then to translate the site into other languages. Since the site and blog represent several hundred pages of text, this would be a massive undertaking and since the site is frequently updated, it isn't one I can currently take on. But what I can do is translate the most important information on the site into other languages.

So to do this, I'm asking those of you who are native speakers of languages other than English to help me.

The US version represents blood sugar levels in mg/dl. The Rest of the world version does it in mmol/L. Choose the one appropriate to your audience. I've blogged about the way Avandia and Actos cause osteoporosis and broken bones before.

I've also documented this on the page where I summarize all the research that makes it clear how dangerous both these drugs are, which you can read HERE.

It quantifies just how big the fracture risk of these drugs really is. Habib et al. JClinEndo&Metab Vol. Photographer Paul Horsted of Custer has unveiled new information about an early-day photographer with the Custer expedition, William Henry Illingworth. A near record turnout of history buffs crowded in to the Senior Citizen’s Center to see the work of Horsted and hear about his latest project. dakotaphoto. It’s a technique that has won him great acclaim. Fingers crossed!. Here's a summary of the entries for the whole month of January. Raye - You Don\'t Know Me","Little Mix - Touch","Migos feat. Go to Yahoo Music Japan. For those who can't see the poll, you'll have to refresh the site several times for the poll to show.

After many attempts to enter the world of blogging, I believe I have finally found a topic which interests me enough that I will absolutely keep writing: responsible dog ownership.

I have found the world of dogs and dog ownership to be all consuming. When Joanna Kimball of Blacksheep Cardigans wrote in her own blog, "That's it. Don't hurt dogs.

It's true.

It will, and it has.

Several senior party leaders confirmed this.

Umno vice president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin recently said that at this year's assembly, party members would be reminded to focus on the general election. Umno Youth also stated as such. It would be the main thrust of the policy address by the movement's head Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, said deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin recently. It goes without saying that all eyes will be following the assembly very closely. All the debates that will take place will be seen as "report cards" to evaluate whether Umno had performed well or otherwise. Not only the population, but foreigners too will be monitoring the proceedings with "microscopic eyes" as the resolutions passed and the assembly's ramifications normally influence the policies of the country. Look for another enormous herring haul in Sitka Sound next spring. This truly is a time of extraordinary abundance for Sitka herring. "Read the full announcement here.

Per le ragazze liparesi a segno Geraci, Cristiano e Wijayratne.

For draft picks like Michael Del Zotto and Evgeny Grachev it is almost a given that they will be heading to the main camp. Both already have their entry level contracts and the expectations of, their NHL career are more about when not whether. Under Tom Renney, the Rangers normally brought the prospect roster to the main training camp as a reward for those who worked hard. Tysen Dowzak turned Traverse City into a contract, Dale Weise used Traverse City as a springboard to Hartford instead of returning to Swift Current.

Of course, I just had to buy some little doo dads after that in order to spruce things up a bit and suddenly there is a new twist in my bedroom blossoming.

I am always inspired by so many pretty blogs and favorite magazine pictures. There are so many creative ladies with so many pretty ideas. I'm still trying to talk my Hubby Lovey into painting all our bedroom furniture white, but he doesn't want to add anymore to the 'Please-Bless-Me-List'. JUST YET. hypocrisy The Verge were a great band from Albany NY that were around a little to early for me to see them live. This is my favorite Albany record from those early years. So much so that I actually owned three copies of this rarity at one time. Yikes I've been tagged by Julie at Feeling Simply Quilty for seven Random Things about me. I love auctions, boot/yard sales or anything like that. I used to collect anything related to quilts now I am picking up typiclly British things to bring home with me. My latest buy was a light pine chest of drawers to help with fabric storage. If I were to pick a craft to learn that I don't currently do it would be pottery. Please join us for the Pick Four Blog Hop. Sue Abrey, the charming and talented author of this book, will be your "tour guide. " Each day, Sue will share interesting facts about the area where each blog hop participant lives. "On a stage with no vaginas there were a lot of opinions about vaginas. " I love Margaret and Helen and if you still don't get it, none of the federal funds to Planned Parenthood can ever be used for abortions. again and louder. While we're at it let's remove your premium health insurance and make you go to the emergency room and wait hours for any kind of care for your babies. Artist Ray Villafane began carving pumpkins on a lark for his art students in a small rural school district in Michigan. The hobby changed his life as he gained a viral following online and unlocked his genuine love of sculpting. Here are images of pumpkin carvings Villafane created over the past five years.

On Saturday, our niece Aimee gets married under the big tent at the top of the hill on her parent's Sunbrite Farm.

The black and white cows will be watching. Where did the years go? Added later. Hola amigos!I made an update this morning to the page for Rafael Nadal on the brflines site. I added seven pics to his page. I hope you Rafa fans out there enjoy them!. Questi che vedete sono alcuni dei miei progetti che potete trovare all'interno di questo interessantissimo giornale di ricamo on line. Troverete altri fantastici progetti e splendide idee realizzate da disegnatori di grande talento e estro artistico. I'm showing you some of my projects that you can find on it, that lovely Christmas cone is very easy and quickly to make and you'll find all the finishing instructions showed so well by very clear pictures, as well as those neat Christmas tags so sweet!!! You'll have other wonderfull projects made by very talented designers like Alessandra Adelaide Sylvaine Lenoir, Cmon Monde e Lilliviolette. Happy Friday everyone. It's Kris here with your SOTW reminder. Remember that every Sunday there is a beautiful new image and/or sentiment that can be yours just for signing up for the SOTW subscription. Here is a little sample I made up for you along with two more from Shilo who can't seem to get enough of this image. Now in addition to signing up for the SOTW subscription there is a lot going on at Unity this weekend. Your weekly dose of Spurgeonposted by Phil JohnsonThe PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. The following excerpt, nearly a week late, is from the lecture "Sermons—Their Matter," in Spurgeon's famous book Lectures to My Students. ake care that your deliverances are always weighty, and full of really important teaching. Build not with wood, hay, and stubble, but with gold, silver, and precious stones. It is scarcely needful to warn you against the grosser degradations of pulpit eloquence, or the example of the notorious orator Henley might be instanced. That loquacious adventurer, whom Pope has immortalized in his "Dunciad," was wont to make the passing events of the week the themes of his buffoonery on week days, and theological topics suffered the same fate on Sundays. His forte lay in his low wit and in tuning his voice and balancing his hands. The satirist says of him, "How fluent nonsense trickles from his tongue. The Philofaxy Year Books are now available on the Files Page in pdf and Epub formats. Thanks to the generosity of the folks at Tor Books, this lucky winner will get his hands on a copy of Brandon Sanderson's Arcanum Unbounded! For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. I've been doin' some work behind the scenes here. and wanted to show you what's new. If you've visited my website recently. Do you have those moments when you know that God just gives you a sign? A sign that says, everything is going to be just fine. You really don't have things too bad. I was feeling kind of bummed out on Thursday because Blake had been doing the morning puke thing for a couple days. It's not a bug, it's just kidney stuff. I work hard to get his weight up through feeds during the day and then it's like all the work just goes for nothing. He pukes, weight goes back down. NOVEMBER. They were doing a fundraiser for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Turned out pretty good, I think. Guess I better go sew the label on his quilt and wrap his gifts. - Ross Morton, the only track announcer in the history of the Finger Lakes racetrack, passed away after suffering a massive stroke over the weekend.

The fabulous frame is from Valley House Primitives.