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In mid-November, the idea of Trans Iowa was hatched. In the ten years since then there have been many stories and memories. These posts will tell of the most prominent ones to my mind. Maybe I'll even spill the beans on some things you never knew. A shirt made for me by T. I. After seeing Mike Denehy finish, I don't remember anything else about the awards ceremony, packing up, or leaving Decorah at all. I don't remember anything until being on the road home West of Decorah in my Honda with the windows down. A man in Australia documents the large track he found and casted in his yard of what appears to be a Yowie. The Australian cousin to the bigfoot. Check it out:. Watch: Close call Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. Bigfoot in the woods is one thing, but a bigfoot trying to break into your home would be terrifying. That's what happened to an elderly woman from Lummi, Washington.

Lummi is an absolute hot bed of bigfoot encounters and reports.

If the bigfoot was trying to break in as she claims, what was it after?. Their team, headed by Joe DePlasco, a veteran of the city's Democratic establishment, began lining up politicians and other supporters before the December news conference unveiling the initial design. DePlasco offered. It also worked with the developer's allies to turn out local supporters at press conferences and at several contentious public hearings, and connected Build and other groups with media outlets that were in search of pro-arena voices. This claim reflects no small audacity, in light of the court’s prior findings as to the ESDC’s review process. The quince branches are blossoming. I love their sweet pink blossoms. . Centered on the mind, body, soul, and business, Wealth & Wellness LIVE will help you seize the tools you need to put focus on your self-care efforts, open your mind to nursing career opportunities you'd never thought possible, and make radical shifts for your life and your practice so that you can live life on your own terms.

The conference is the brain-child of Marsha Battee, a Atlanta-based "nursepreneur" extraordinaire, who had the inspiring vision to create a conference for nurses that not only focuses on business and entrepreneurship, but also on the "radical" notion of self-care and wellness.

The list of Master Teachers is growing, and will continue to be updated here. I will be presenting twice, including the subjects of blogging and podcasting for nurses and nurse entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, I'll no doubt be talking with many participants about self-care and nurse wellness during breaks, breakout sessions, workshops, and meals. Hello everyone! I'm Divya a. k. a The Craft Angel and I'm delighted to share with you my creation for the first time as a member of the Black Leaf Designs DT!It's Tuesday today and it's time to see what's fresh out of the oven at the Black Leaf Designs Studio.

These whimsical owls are great fun to colour and they're so versatile.

You get a whole bunch of them in a set. I LOVE this campaign! Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move' Initiative is so important for our children. In her third year since its inception, Michelle will be going on a national tour for the program starting shortly. Check out the Let's Move ad below starring Big Bird: What do you folks think of Michelle's initiative? Will you be trying it out with your kids?. Head over to Vogue to see the rest!. They moved the date and site to K-M-S and Monday, after the game was originally scheduled for Tuesday night this week as a home game. Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa girls basketball, Central Minnesota Conference. via. Neither athlete has released a statement about the kiss and it was unclear Sunday if it was in protest. The kiss nevertheless is a slap in the face of Russia’s law banning any form of “homosexual propaganda. ” While Sky News seems certain that the kiss was a political statement, others aren’t so sure. Gay Star News says it is “unclear” whether the kiss was merely a sign of affection or whether the athletes were “blatantly defying Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ laws since neither of the athletes have released a statement. ” Regardless, the kiss could land the athletes in legal trouble considering it expressly goes against the much-criticized law that bans anything that may be seen as a promotion of homosexuality. It contains new photo-shoots and interviews by namie. Here are the scans: Akemi Nakano is namie's hair & make-up stylist since she debuted. A while back, I posted a leslie kee's photo with namie and akemi. The U. S.

The department also has appointed Andy Mezirow as a new Alaska member.

Here's the official announcement. Untitled by sunken treasure. Lee Anne had a London City Bag class scheduled to teach this past Saturday at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. However, there was one small snag. Three of us, who were registered to take the class, decided during our class on Monday with Vickie, to take those blocks we made that day, and use them to make the Strip Street Bag instead. Lee Anne previously held this class and you can read about it here. Lee Anne is such a good sport. She didn't care and is always so helpful. That's why when I want to make a bag, I take a class from her! We love this Strip Street Bag pattern. It is by Quilted Memories. It is quick to make. However, above is Rosa working on her two hour bag five months later. I need some help please.

I put these unfinished blocks on the design wall for a reason.

Let me explain why. The name is Kettles in the Kitchen and is darling with blocks of teapots and houses. I love teapots and couldn’t wait to try my hand at making a couple blocks. I remembered a pattern I had saved from a magazine for a table topper with teapots. The directions call for a buttonhole stitch in black thread around the teapots defining the lid and base area. I put up some pieces on the design wall to see if I had to do that. I get a little obsessed with my stitches not being even. I don't have a garden—or a green thumb—so I wait all winter for the flower people to return to the greenmarket so I can feed my addiction for fresh flowers. We are meeting our fellow travelers at midday in the room at the entrance to the Parador.

This room has a wonderful carved ceiling.

Once again the weather is brilliant and we are ready to start our special pilgrimage. The team of staff were impeccable throughout. The line between citizen, subject and terrorist is growing finer. Helping Hand: European authorities fear that China may have been less than altruistic in buying up Spain and Portugal's debt. What if, they ask, the purpose was to push up the euro against the yuan and gain advantage for their exports? Well, China wouldn't be the Lone Ranger on that stage. "A blogger never leaves home without his camera. We bloggers are sworn to share our life experiences.

That is what happened to me yesterday.

Because I am on foot for a few days while the Escape is repaired, I decided to leave my camera backpack at the house. After all, I was simply walking into the village to pick up the mail, pay my telephone bill, look for a new mobile telephone, and to have lunch while watching the soccer game. Jeg planlegger for årets prosjekt på terrassen.

Jeg er ikke særlig begeistret for sommerblomster, balkongkassene ble skrudd ned forrige vår og skal IKKE opp igjen.

Ikke hadde jeg noen andre potter der heller, bortsett fra de to ved peisen som jeg satt Margeritter i. Men det ble jo like vel noen potter rundt i hagen gjennom sesongen. Jeg oppdaget GRESS! Aldri hadde jeg trodd jeg skulle falle for gress, jeg som fjerner mere og mere plen rundt huset, men i potter, der passer de godt. Nokk har vel livet vart ganske mørkt og trist i noen måneder men nå har det snudd og vi går mot lysere tider. Alle rede tanken på tiden som kommer gjør meg full av forhåpninger.

Life has been a to bit dark and dull for the last couple of month I think.

But already now one can notice the return of the light, which fills me with expectations. Wishing you a star-spangled down home Fourth of July! May it be full of Sparklers and S'Mores! Play with us at Pals Paper Arts!.

Having seen the film-and read the book Madame de years ago after I fell in love with the fabric Verrieres - many of you will get the connection, there are dots always.

If these dots are skewed- read this little augury post here and then hurry back. Both the book by Louise de Vilmorin and the film stand up today. Ophuls' use of the camera-all discussed on the dvd extras needed to help deepen our intellectual understanding of the film. Often I think- oh yeah- Now I see, but wouldn't it be better to view some of these extras first? Do you? No- why then we see too much of the movie. He is a big fan of Ophuls'. It Wasn't Me!. Carissime, ecco a voi i miei kits pronti per la classe di martedì e pronti anche per essere spediti alle gentili ricamatrici che mi li hanno chiesti. All'interno troverete: il lino quadrettato, il filo, le istruzioni e il bellissimo spillo a cuore per decorare il vostro fragolone porta forbici e punta spilli. insomma qualcosa di davvero speciale.

Chi fosse interessato a questo kit e non potesse frequentare la classe di martedì prossimo può certamente contattarmi per averi informazioni.

Un caro abbraccio amiche e. Linda M. They interviewed a group of artists, asking a series of questions that touch upon issues important to all of us. I am happy to be among the group who have provided responses. Reading the thoughts of so many different individuals about these topics is fascinating. Their post in May tackled the question: What motivates you? When you find yourself in an artistic rut, what inspires you to get going again? In June they asked: What is your ideal work environment? Do you listen to music, or do you prefer silence? Do you like to work alone, or share studio space with others? I am already looking forward to July!. I live in the English countryside in a small place called Hereford. I'm currently attending college in my third and final year, and applying for university for next September to study paramedic science.

I found out about the Filofax world when I was looking up 'day planners' and ran into Philofaxy.

I read a couple posts, looked onto other Filofax related blogs, and was hooked. I have recently started a blog dedicated mainly to my Filofax, and also include some Filofax related photos on my Instagram. Over the past week, I made a few sympathy cards to re-stock my stash. You can always use these and sure enough I needed one this week.

A team member of mine has just lost her father.

Old olive is the base, then layered with barely banana and certainly celery. I then colored the raised stems and flowers with SU's soft subtle watercolor crayons. The circles referred to are the “O” letters.

This clever and original Sunday crossword, while a refreshing diversion from the norm, seemingly allows for entries of just eight letters or less the remainder of the puzzle, making it hard to take the bulk of the crossword outside of the gimmick seriously.

Here’s the result… Incidentally, there is a note for the on-line solvers — Note: This puzzle may be solved in Across Lite or the Java applet as a normal crossword. However, since it contains bonus elements that cannot be rendered electronically, we encourage solvers to print out the PDF that is also being offered.

I hung the bird cage with some fabulous Cotton Candy Baker's Twine which I also used to tie my tag to my button.

Economics seems to be much about effects and side effects.

In this book Dr. Sowell examines economic policies in terms of their "later repercussions" not just their immediate effects of their apparent aim or their "hoped-for" result. For Sowell, a program's "unintended consequences" are often foreseeable if the processes involved were considered in terms of the incentives and constraints and not in terms of the desirability of the goals. Rent control brings abut housing shortages,black markets and poor quality housing not thereadily available, affordable housing promised for the poor. The caps on earning found in some Canadian provinces predictably brings about shortages and long waiting lines as described by the former Canadian, The Physician Executive. e. CHRISTMAS SPECIAL RECIPES Let Anjali's Kitchen make your Christmas holidays more festive with variety of baking recipe ideas. Also you can check out Christmas decoration ideas at:. .