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News stories on the FLDS case refer to them as polygamists but the legal arguments in the case seem to be based on the age of the wives, not their number. This raises an interesting question: In what sense is polygamy itself currently illegal?The answer, I think, is that in most of the U. S, indeed most of the developed world, it isn't, even where there are laws that say it is. For the most part, restrictions on consensual non-marital sexual relationships between adults either do not exist or are not enforced. The same is true of restrictions on out of wedlock childbirth. So if three or more people want to engage in a long term sexual relationship, they are unlikely to be prosecuted for doing so. What is illegal is marital fraud–engaging in what claims to be a legal marriage with one person without telling her that you are legally married to another. Misty as we came north-west this morning, but it didn't stop me getting the obligatory photo of High Bridge, the first one out of Norbury Junction. The bridge with the non-operational telegraph pole in the middle. There's not a lock in sight and there are long stretches of on-line moorings which you glide by very slowly. But it runs through some very attractive countryside – sometimes in cuttings and sometimes up on an embankment giving fine views across Shropshire. Those views got better and better as the mist wore off and the September sun began to warm us. Today we encountered a first – a Shroppie heron that didn't fly away as we came past. We rock art enthusiasts have long believed that the beginnings of rock art indicated a certain level of intellectual development in our human ancestors. Oldowan chopper, Wikimedia. Public domain. Acheulian hand axe, Spain. Wikimedia. Our friend Troy Walker from Alabama came to visit over Easter weekend. We all loved having him here and involving him in farm and family life. Football Singing around the breakfast table Allison babysat for our neighbor boy, Javan, one day. Here they are making chili for dinner. And our family enjoyed a visit from Allison & my friends, Elizabeth Ulmer & Bekah Rehm. We had a lovely time with them. The little girls never tire of stories And in the midst of everything else, we were able to attend the beautiful wedding of Wesley Desaulniers & Allison Crawford, friends of ours from our former church in Des Moines. Truth, memory, and justice for Carlos, Pablo, Mario, Armando and their loved ones. Twenty one years ago today on a sunny Saturday afternoon over the Florida Straits three civilian planes of Brothers to the Rescue engaged in a search and rescue mission for fleeing refugees. At the same time they were being hunted by two Cuban MiGs and two of the planes were destroyed by air to air missiles on the Castro brothers orders killing four men: Carlos Costa, Pablo Morales, Mario De La Peña and Armando Alejandre Jr. The third plane was able to escape the fate of the other planes and the survivors bore witness to what had happened. Later on it was learned that the Cuban dictatorship had planned this attack months in advance, with the aid of Cuban spies operating in South Florida and that this was an act of state terrorism. The families of the four men have waged a steadfast effort to obtain justice for their loved ones. I WAS ROUTED HERE THROUGH YOUR WIFES BLOG AT ZAADZ. I HAVE NOTICED THAT YOU BOTH LIKE TO BLOG ABOUT ALL YOUR "ACTS OF GOODNESS" AND HUMANITARIAN. UNFORTUNATELY I COULDN'T HELP BUT NOTICE A SORT OF "STUCK UP" ATTITUDE YOU BOTH HAVE. , Dec. ". The holiday season can be distracting, with lots of glittering lights, holiday decorations and crowds of people. Make sure you pay attention to what is happening at all times. Carry your purse close to your body or your wallet inside a coat or front trouser pocket. The same applies when taking mass transit: report any unattended packages to security or staff. By giving yourself extra time, you'll be able to remind yourself of these basic shopping safety tips. ph: DailyMail UKGet the look. The JV and varsity games will be held at Brandon High School. You think I want to send my teen-age son to die for Kuwait? We have our white slaves from America to do that. S. troops might remain in Iraq for a century or more, Sen. " McCain apparently believes that the Iraqis would assume the responsibility of doing whatever fighting needs to be done, while Americans would be largely unmolested within the permanent bases being built in Iraq at tremendous expense. Go to findcopperriver. Ethics of a business can be seen as the behavioural pattern towards business, it deals with the judgment concerning rightness or wrongness, virtuous and Vicious, approval and disapproval of an action.

Announcing the sale of Phil Donlay's DEADLY ECHOES, a novel about a race to find and stop a ruthless eco-terrorist bent on creating a global panic, destroying everything and everyone the hero holds dear.

Check it out HERE. Guys, sorry, but I'm a chick and therefore know not about where to go to get a men's haircut in Kuwait. Catherine sms me on Sunday morning that she is in Singapore, at first i thought she arrive on that day itself, only to realize later that she has arrived the day before which is on Sat. We arrange to meetup at Bugis as she's bringing her kids, niece and nephew there to shop. Catherine was telling me that when i do the writeup for this, must indicate that the boy in blue is mischievous. Maybe some of you would like to guess which one is Catherine daughter and which one is her son, hehe. Images - Yap Chin Hoe. There is an enlightening article at HuffPo describing an EU approach which won't surprise we jewel robbers. The case concerns ORPHACOL, a medicine for the treatment of two extremely rare and serious types of orphan liver disease which can be life-threatening, often very soon after birth, if not treated. This medicine is a product of academic clinical research of a hospital in Paris.

A marketing authorization was requested to make it available not only in France but all over Europe.

I painted my dining chairs red. My signature red that I love so! I love it! They now have a nice contrast to my white table. But. John Cuneo. Hello all, Jolande here to show you a tag with the SMAK !! It's the last Saturday of the month. The new is live and it's a great one. . The last KOTM, SMAK and LOL are so beautiful!!! I love to ink them and make beautiful art with them. For my tag I used the Smak of November: a special tag for somebody I love. It gives you very special opportunities!! Have a good weekend!!. by Dan PhillipsYes, that's right: I'm going to explain it all to you, right here and now. Okay, seriously, not doable. But Tim Challies—who may or may not still think of me as James, if at all—just wrote on Eugene Peterson's personal issues with literal translations, and his rationale for providing a turbo-charged, super-duper dynamic version. That in turn provoked me to impart what I hope are some clarifying points about translations. To wit:All translations unavoidably paraphrase to some extent. For this reason, if you don't know Greek or Hebrew, woodenly literal translations such as Young's, or interlinear versions, do not really get you any closer to understanding the original text. They may leave you further away, in fact. "Translation" and "wooden equivalence" are not synonyms. UPS brought it last night. could not rip open the box fast enough. Some are so exciting you might want to steal them for yourself. Some are gory, scary and generally terrifying. For some boys, this is perfect. Others won’t ever sleep with the lights off again. Thanks for stopping by!. This weekend I am going to be stuck to the TV screen and you too must grab the remote to watch it. It's been thrilling two days. I had cherished a dream of presenting Thal to the world and now that dream is a reality. We are presenting a Koli special on this Marathi Food Travel show. Uttam one of the two cameraman came along with me to the village by road while Shefali took the waterway along with the other cameraman Shrikant. They shot some pieces on the way. I have stamped this really cute Tilda and coloured her with Prismacolors and Sansador and I added a sentiment by Hero Arts. I have cut the ovals with the Nestabilities dies in the Cuttlebug and the papers are some which I got at Crab Apple Crafts. The flower is from my stash. Another card which is not in my usual colours. Hope you all have a great Bank Holiday weekend and that the weather is kind to you. was kept to a firm hold by the pilot caught briefly in traffic approaching the quarter pole, altered course towards the inside entering the stretch, but failed to have the opening materialize into optimal racing clearance, had intentions of being taken outward but cancelled those plans after MORDI'S MIRACLE swerved out a bit in midstretch, dove eagerly towards the newly-created rail passageway and drew alongside the second place finisher, went by soon afterwards, and kicked clear, getting geared down in the final seventy yards. Black Onyx was much best in the Spiral Stakes, rallying to win despite being wide on both turns. ''He's won on dirt, on turf, and now on Polytrack. Well, today is "Black Friday".

the busiest shopping day of the year.

I used to do the Black Friday thing, but I no longer enjoy fighting the crowded stores and the crazy drivers in the streets just to get a good bargain. Giving the perfect gift is just so much MORE than that to me. I have gotten more into "Gifts from the Heart" rather than the stores. Unfortunately, I can not do that world wide, but I have been successful the last few years in doing it with my own family. .