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Dragon fruits mature very fast. It take a year to produce fruits. I have every sympathy for my younger colleagues whose pension schemes are about to be used as a form of extra taxation by stealth. My sympathy also extends to other public sector workers who are being similarly screwed.

However I also think, bearing in mind what has been happening to pensions in the private sector over the last few years, that slogans like this are a little insensitive, and indicate a degree of tunnel vision.

I think this poster unlikely to generate sympathy and support in private sector employees.

"The fruit of the Spirit is. goodness.

He was also a good man.

This is not surprising, since the fruit of the Spirit is goodness. The text says that a great number of people were brought to the Lord. Barnabas was in a witnessing, evangelizing situation. Goodness is a necessary characteristic of the fullness of the Holy Spirit. It is also a necessary characteristic of effective witnessing. Making all things beautiful, in His time. Here is my beautiful tea pot, but it is cracked! My hubby bought this for me awhile back, And at my very first tea time, it cracked from the top to the bottom. What is a girl to do? I was so very sad to think of this special treasure to be of no use. It just did not look right! I was reminded of the scripture that speaks of us as being, A treasure in an earthen vessel. The Grand Prairie woman sentenced to eight years in prison for voting illegally has been released from jail pending her appeal, authorities said. S. resident and green-card holder, faces deportation by ICE after being convicted last month by a Tarrant County jury on two felony counts of illegal voting. The mother of four is free to reunite with her children and fiance, Oscar Sherman, who last visited her Wednesday at the Tarrant County Jail. Which do you prefer: staying in one place or moving in search of another place? Use reasons and specific examples to support your opinion. Moving would expose me to new people, new weather, and new housing. Even if I were to move to another part of my city, I would encounter new people. Eachneighborhood has a distinct personality.

When I move to that neighborhood, I would meet the shopkeepers and residents that shape that personality.

If I want to encounter different weather patterns, I would have to move beyond my city. Dear Friends: I am blogging to you from the desk of an apartment in Montmarte, Paris, where my wife and I are spending a few days recovering from a visit to Glasgow and Oxford where I was teaching advocacy in a new LLM program for Strathclyde University. When you get a chance to teach persuasion in a different country, with a different culture, it is a blessing. Suddenly you are divorced from the cultural shorthand that you normally use to transfer an idea to a student. You are forced to rely upon your ability to clearly define a moment in the performance, and then translate that moment into a teaching opportunity. In a way you are vulnerable when that happens, in much the same way as the student is vulnerable every time they perform in front of you. That vulnerability is a gift. Hope you all had a safe and fun Memorial Day! I'm back with the last card sketch for May. Please link me up if you try the sketches - I'd really LOVE to see everyone's different interpretations of these!I strayed from the sketch a bit, but that's ok, right? Sketches can be however you interpret them. I used Skipping Stones Design's Stitched Stamps on this card. The flowers in this set inspired me to add stitched flowers instead of hearts. I stamped the flower onto Vintage Cream Papertrey Ink felt and then stitched over the design with pink floss. It's hard to see in the photo, but the pink floss is cute against the white felt! I topped it with a Melissa Frances resin frame and Melissa Frances pearls. The white ink is Papertrey Ink's Fresh Snow. Other: date chipboard - Crate Paper, pink paper - Pink Paislee, pin - Maya Road, text paper- October Afternoon. Game three went down to the wire, but the Jaguars volleyball team ended up sweeping Pierz to stay in the hunt for a share of the Central Minnesota Conference title. Mr. Bannister reported them to the police. The fun of creating characters is that you can do whatever you want with them. Create new backstories or tweak old ones. The worst thing about creating a character? Naming them. If he's an 'old' character, I'm thinking of making him a teenaged version of my "Omari" character. Although the main birthday treat was a visit to Rome a few days ago, there had to be a celebration of this special day. It would appear that the hotel name was made by a Russian sign-writer. This morning I woke up to an email from today's teacher, May Flaum. Today's assignment is all about the Christmas Tree and the traditions around it. Here are May's instructions:Photo Prompt: For photos, I suggest taking some action shots of ornaments being placed on the tree, use your camera's self-timer if needed! If you're doing it at night though, I suggest doing a "in front of the tree" family photo the next day instead. The quality will be much better and you can let your story do the talking. If you do choose night photos, turn off the flash! Let those beautiful twinkling lights provide atmosphere and mood to your photos. They won't be as sharp, but they'll have a glowing quality. If you do this, use good natural light and get real up close. Other fun photo ops? Lay down and take a picture looking up at the people decorating the tree, take a photo of the ornaments in their boxes, or take a shot with your back to the Christmas tree. What's going on all around it?I chose older photos again. These photos are from Bug-A-Boo's first Christmas and her very first experience with a Christmas Tree. reddit dailypicksandflicks. The story of Ip Man continues after his escape from Japanese army during WWII. There were a few unspoken humors in the movie and alike its part one, this sequel has also got some really touching moments. I have enjoyed the fighting scenes directed and acted by Sammo Hung. Some, I gather, have taken the time to read what I have written, here and there, on the subject of victims of crime.

And then misunderstood me.

The blame for this must, largely, rest with me. After all, a writer who fails to properly convey his meaning is doing a pretty shoddy job, no? To clarify, then. I have no inherent problem with victims of crime. They are entitled to their suffering and their opinions. ” “The Board has invited three Directors to find out what those who voted against amalgamation regarded as unacceptable and importantly what key issues need further consideration to help achieve an agreement going forward. ” he added. The three Directors will undertake this task with the objective of reporting back to the SGU Board by the end of July. Thereafter, the Board will consider the best way forward in consultation with counterparts at the SLGA. I love this song.

Well, at least Williamsburg.

That never quite happened. Jacques Lucont went on to get involved with Madonna. Today's update to the brflines site is a player addition. I added Potito Starace of Italy to the site. Just the one, though. It's attached to this post as well. srishtis. Haritha VR from Srishti Innovative and Mr. Conway recognized the victim from her days in Missing Persons. The victim's father had "done a runner" when she was a kid and was trying to follow up. Now that Aislinn Murray was all grown up she decided to go after the cops who worked the missing person's case to get to the truth. That would be Detective McCann in the Murder Squad. McCann was her "secret boyfriend" that Aislinn had planned on destroying in her way of getting revenge for the past. Conway and Moran had enough evidence to point to the fact that he did it, but most of it was circumstantial. McCann's partner, Detective Breslin, had already gone to the Chief that they didn't have enough evidence to convict anyone and the case was going to go unsolved. I have to admit that I am finding it fascinating to sit back and watch as the obama administration begins to unravel. I won't hold my breath hoping that it actually does fall apart, but I can hope. His supporters are shrieking as loud as they ever have, claiming that "their" obama is being unfairly picked on. ABC, CBS, CNN, etc. I would never have believed that Liberals could be that stupid and unthinking. My girlfriend put out his first record last year to rave reviews. I've seen him nail it in live performance at the Cypress House and Delta of Venus in Davis. Mattress is one man, Rex from Portland, who grew up in the casino/lounge capital of Las Vegas, and his style of crooning does indeed reflect that. If you were to plot his style of voice and charismatic showmanship on a graph, it would be equidistant from three points being Nick Cave, Alan Vega of Suicide, and Dean Martin. This guy's songs are captivating, he's really unafraid to sing, and he puts on a great show! this video evidence. Whilst you can't fault this early showing of enthusiasm, we suggest a somewhat slower approach be adopted on race day to be within a chance of winning the coveted title of Slowest Cyclist in Britain. First to sign up, last across the line would be a tremendous effort. Bike lovers worldwide have also been quick to note this landmark event. Moving Target, the Mecca for all messengers, fakengers and other delivery types, threw the gauntlet down suggesting that a London courier should win easily.

TFL, road.

cc and cyclechat quickly got in on the game, advertising the Slow Cycle to their thousands of subscribers, follwed by multiple tweets from as far away as Spain to as near to home as CTC and londoncyclist. In fact, so many people are talking about this race that we're now first in the Google UK search listing for Slow Cycle! We'll be updating this blog regularly in the build up to race day, so keep visiting to get the lowdown on all things bike related, to see some great examples of world class slowness and keep up to date with all the latest news on the race for last place. Good morning ladies. Vera is one of the Golden Oldies series and can be found HERE! I have added a bit of glitter and a rhinestone or two and a homemade tag. I have colored my image with Prisma colored pencils and OMS. Take a hop over to Art Impressions and see all their Golden Oldies, they are sure to capture your heart!. bright white. that's what i need right now. i stayed up too late last night. If you have had problems slowing down, I encourage you to take up the delightfully heart-warming and productive craft of knitting. While Tricia was here with us, I had an insight in what the old knitting circles and women's social mornings used to be like in past times. Often women used to take their knitting with them when they went out. Why not! It's portable, easy to carry and a good way to connect with others. Knitting breaks down the barriers, there is something about it that brings people together, and calms you when you do it alone. After initial drizzle and greyness this morning the skies brightened allowing me a couple of hours birding at Pilling, where the colour green featured in the form of two wintering waders plus the appearance of more Siskins. The Siskin were feeding in the alders, a sighting which continues the run of Siskins making an appearance in many places in the past week or so, and must relate to the early spring movement of the species, so very noticeable this time last year. GreenshankRedshankWalking the tideline I found evidence of a raptor meal, a neatly stripped breastbone plus the wings of a Redshank, probably the work of the aforesaid Merlin or a Peregrine, while a little further along were the remains of a long dead Whooper Swan. Otherwise nothing to report from a quietish walk. There are rows about spending. Who are working as volunteers – the Maori, and who are getting paid exorbitant money – the Pakeha. The Maori elders do not approve of the coalition with a German fraudster. ".

And so far I haven't had to make a single card.

That ends now. After serving as a Navy Pilot in WWII, Ralph Kiner began his Baseball career with the Pirates. Branch Rickey who was at that time the Pirates GM told him "We finished last with you, we can finish last without you. I sure Did! Here were a few quick fancy favor boxes I gave away with yummy Knock you naked brownies inside. I had some fun with my Camera! and the fact that it was Mother's day and they had to be in the pictures because I said so!CarsonThe group shot, my request. My Mom and my sister. Dear Magazine Editors, I work well with others. Always make my deadlines. Like the one above. And hundreds more. I am also reasonably priced. Preventing vulnerability during the EC design and per-implementation stage is far more expensive than mitigating problems later. A. True B. Phishing is rampant because some people respond to it and make it profitable. A couple of scans featuring Dennis' back workout. Photos by Per Bernal. The two of us had set some time aside for her to discuss my many roles as a principal. During the conversation she asked me if I regretted any of the decisions I had made. I paused, thought about this for a minute, and responded that I did not. This is not to say that I was happy with some of the decisions I have made during my nine years as an administrator. It is how we react once a decision is made that truly defines one’s ability to lead. Image credit: I think anyone in leadership second-guesses many of the decisions that are made. However, I am of the opinion that if we were to regret decisions we have made in the past then that will hinder our ability to make the extremely tough ones in the future. He didn’t give an alternative fact, nor did he misspeak, terms his chief advisor Kellyanne Conway has used to excuse her own lies and those of Donald Trump and Sean Spicer. ’ABC News further reports that Donald Trump “Is the sole beneficiary of the Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust, which is tied to his Social Security number as the taxpayer identification number, according to documents published online by the investigative nonprofit ProPublica. .