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Rothbard's basic point is correct. And even if we are correct, it is not unreasonable for other people to think we are not, as lots of intelligent people I know do. The flip side of that is that I think one consequence of his attitude was to make him willing to be deliberately dishonest in his arguments—all being fair in war. That included being dishonest in the arguments he made to fellow libertarians. My standard example was an exchange long ago, after a talk of his in which he claimed that Reagan did not really cut government and offered as evidence the increase in the nominal federal budget. Think that through and he was saying that it was all right to misrepresent the evidence to his fellow libertarians as long as the result was to make them think badly of someone they should think badly of, to lead them to the correct conclusion for the wrong reason. Or, for that matter, a libertarian one—we are generally opposed to fraud as well as force. The hearing can be seen and heard online by logging on to “akl. Testimony is being taken statewide at Legislative Information Offices in Alaska. A unique non-linear style of storytelling, employing flashbacks and theatrical effects, brings Charlotte Brontë’s classic to fresh life. Jane Eyre is a “small, plain” young governess whose passionate and independent spirit attracts the attention of her employer, Mr. Rochester. But he has a dark secret which threatens their happiness. Check the blog here. Cuban women brutalized by regime agents as they walked silently to attend Mass at the Cathedral in Santiago de Cuba. Despite the brutal beatings and detentions Jose Daniel was able to report that the Ladies in White have maintained their nonviolent discipline and courage and observed that "only three women made it to Mass at the Cathedral in Santiago. They agreed that Monsignor D. Our Family Law Project assists individuals, families with children or families with domestic violence in matters including marital dissolutions, child custody, child support, restraining orders, guardianships, conservatorships, wills, powers of attorney and probate litigation. This is a full-scope project in which the volunteer can take the case from start to finish. Depending on the circumstances of each case, cases can last for weeks, months or even years. Before you volunteer with this project, we ask that you attend this free MCLE training session. The substantive portion of the training must be viewed ahead of time on the Practising Law Institute’s Web site. For more information on how to view this webcast and attend our live training, please email JDC. Pre-registration is required to attend. Pre-registration is required to attend. courtesy of on. cccourtesy of mingpao.

Bosco said that the audience could strongly relate to each character in the film.

The film's social influence and value were worthy for young people to be concerned with and to learn from.

Sheriff Rick Ramsay wants to remind everyone that marine related thefts happen frequently in the Keys.

Everyone should remove fishing gear and electronics from their vessels when they are not in use and should take precautions to protect motors and lower units as well.

The boat was on a boat lift on a canal behind their home.

I'm still here and still plugging away at my Farmer's Wife blocks. I lay them all out thinking, "Wow! I'm cruising right along! I should be done in no time! Look at all these blocks!" And then I count them. And realize I still have about a trillion more to go.

Stay positive.

Stay positive. Slowly but surely, right? I guess you learn a lot about yourself when making a quilt of this magnitude. Well, as a change from grieving over my dog and rejoicing over my piglets, let's finish up the Sri Lanka trip photos. Just downhill from the Cave Temples is the Golden Temple with an immense gold Buddha: He is absolutely enormous! I took this shot while climbing up to the caves. Inside are many beautiful Buddha statues and paintings. Every square inch of wall and ceiling is decorated. I wanted to cook a hunk of pork the other day but didn't want to spend several hours waiting on it to smoke. I removed the bone and butterflied the meat to lay flat. Scored the pork in several places with a sharp knife then drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with cracked black pepper, kosher salt and minced garlic. My younger sister was after me to start a blog as a way for the two of us to keep up on one another's lives since we live quite literally on opposite ends of the country.

So I started a family blog and it didn't take me long until I was hooked! I discovered all of you wonderful creative bloggers and I decided that this was the outlet I had been looking for.

So. my hubs has been in need of a little extra TLC lately. One of a small collection gathered fromhere and there around the world: a cut-glass salt cellar and a tiny silver spoon. The thinner is part of a new generation of machines that target the last frontier of agricultural mechanization — fruits and vegetables destined for the fresh market, not processing, which have thus far resisted mechanization because they're sensitive to bruising. " This is clever: "After a lettuce field is planted, growers typically hire a crew of farmworkers who use hoes to remove excess plants to give space for others to grow into full lettuce heads. The Lettuce Bot uses video cameras and visual-recognition software to identify which lettuce plants to eliminate with a squirt of concentrated fertilizer that kills the unwanted buds while enriching the soil. " More details at the StarTribune. Den her helgen har vi hatt sommer, gode temperaturer, blå himmel og vinden fra nord-nordøst som var lovet kom aldri, ikke skyene heller, for en deilig tilværelse og det på ledige dager i tillegg. Jeg satt en god stund i staudetrappa og studerte det yrende livet med både humler og sommerfugler, ble bare tvungen å hente fotoappareten. Hvorfor jeg satt der? Ikke kun for at været var så fint men naboens katt liker sommerfugler like godt som jeg og hopper etter dem så alle blomster knekker, men ikke når jeg var til stede. lurer dessuten på om hun ikke har skjønt hva fisker er også. We’ve had had some lovely summer days this weekend, at last.

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Here she tells about her adventure knitting with Jane Pauley. Looks like her classic sock book is being re-issued by Storey soon. I wonder if they are using the shape of the sock. I think this is the first in that fun series they did with die-cut, shaped covers. It is called Lambing Live. Gosh I love this guy. So glad to let you guys know I added eight more pics. Ciao!. Hi Everyone.

I created a layout sketch for a challenge Birthday Bash weekend Crop over at IASand i wanted to share it here with you!here is my take on the sketch.

I have just returned from our Inspire, Create and share convention fully recharged and exhausted! It was a fun filled four days. I was able to find some cute little journals and note pads that were decorated already with word bubbles, so I just added to them with our new Project Life cards and word bubble set. I just love this new set from SU! It reminds me of Disneyland! Bambi to beexact! Here is a pop up card made with the new set. The cover is with the tree and then open to all the forest friends. You cannot see on the photobut I added silver stickles to the trees for a magical touch. xoxo. by Dan PhillipsJuly is likely to end up being a Tale of Two Jonathans for Phil and me. We may both temporarily leave off the customary theology and exposition and whatnot. And so, for my part, at the urging of some kind souls. It keeps a half-century-plus-long Phillips tradition of vacationing in the area between Mammoth Lakes and Bishop, California. It was hot, and smokier than I've ever seen it, but Jonathan and I had a great time. Let me show you some of it. I followed up the Swallow nests at Hambleton today and ringed the first chicks of the year. The bird below isn’t a young bird begging for food as the blog header picture is, but an adult male proclaiming his territory to other passing Swallows. When I thought I could sand no longer, I would pull out my sanding thingy ma-jig again and do some more. Then I would wipe the sand off and think that still looks a wee bit shiny to me, so I would sand some more yal! Holy geez, thus the life of a worker of the wood. My workshop has now been moved to the o- so chilly garage. Still look kinda shiny huh. Gonna sand some more. It is to be expected with Metastatic Cancer, but always tough when it starts staring one in the face intensely again. Because of this, I am benefiting from new studies, treatments and medications. With that brings, HOPE. They are still online:. Over Christmas break my nine year old daughter, Licious, hollered from the living room to us in the kitchen. "Us" being Nana, Papa, Razor, Boo and myself. Turn it around. Darlings, CC has rounded up all the most beautiful black pieces from her favorite online shopping sites. Tabitha Simmons Dusty Meadow embroidered suede peep-toe ankle boots, at mytheresa. Valentino Rockstud leather ankle boots, at mytheresa. Architectural inspiration via Pinterest. Alaia laser-cut leather sandals. Maison Maison Margiela leather clutch. What do you think of this spectacular seaside space and the look it inspired? xoxox, CC. Non-"progressive," for starters. Several, actually, but that's one I could print. How dare he not act the stereotype? He probably rejects segregation, too, the hater. And remember, with "progressives," every day is Opposite Day. Everyone is baking cakes, cookies and muffins. There is merriment everywhere whether they are celebrating Christmas or no. My blog was quite as I din't do any of it. Then today I found this in the drafts. No this was not to celebrate Christmas but to celebrate the cravings of a mother to be. I made a basic dry fruit cake like here excluding the chocolate layer: Polka Dots Cake For The BC Fighters The Frosting is something new. I don't like rich frosted cakes. Since this one was for a special treat I decided to make a Choco Peanut butter frosting. Yes, the tittle is sarcastic. In a nutshell, Medicare will reimburse physicians and other providers less. The bill is structured so that is about all it can do. With more stringent price controls that IPAB will generate we will see an even more critical shortage of primary care physicians and a further decrease in quality of primary care. Did anyone at AMA or ACP read that part of the bill? Another well recognized effect of wage-price controls is the development of a black market which we have not seen so far in health care but see here for how that might play out. It gets even worse because the IPAB will also through administrative actions of the HHS secretary act to control the rise of private medical costs not just those controlled by CMS. See here. .