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Whew! Made it by the skin of my teeth. It's been a busy morning, but I'm ready with my mini quilt and links to some other folks who've made minis as well. But, before I get to that I thought I'd mention that my my work is being featured today on Scoutie Girl, a terrific design blog. Not only that but there's a link to my store on the site and that will be up all week. How cool is that? So, if you have a second, hop on over there and check that out. OK, on to this week's mini quilt. I had to take these pictures pretty quickly as it was starting to rain just as I got outside. This week's mini is a wee bit bigger than last week's, but still well within the parameters of a mini, I think. All the interior squares are dyed to mimic piecing with the technique that I described in my Quilting Arts article last December. pure epic love, especially the mini album ^_^. I promised you all some really big news. Here it is! My yarn is back! How cool is that? You can read all about it on my newsletter here. I'll share some more about how this all happened here on the blog in the next week. The yarn is now called Color by Kristin and it is being distributed by Classic Elite Yarns. If you don't know this already, I worked for Classic Elite Yarns for sixteen years as the Creative Director. It is nice to be back with them. Wow, one contest isn't finished yet here and I'm already announcing another one. It is being sponsored by the fine folks at Knitch Magazine, YarnMarket. Today's prize is rather easy. But there is a question you have to answer. First off, read the article by Deb Knight about her trip to the "Get Stitched on the Farm" classes that she attended this past summer. Deb chronicles her visit to the farm and her entire farm experience here. Hey there, guys. I made a pretty sizeable update to Felicano Lopez's page on the brflines site this morning. I added thirteen new pics of Feli.

Go to the site and enjoy them.

I think I am living with an impostor because there is no way the man I married would consider a kitchen renovation! But believe it or not, HE brought it up a few weeks ago and I almost fell on the floor. For years, I have been dreaming of a new kitchen. In fact, last year I even posted that I would love a new kitchen for Mother's Day! See What I'd Love for Mother's Day. The windows are two high. I hate having a peninsula instead of an island. Whenever we entertain, the peninsula makes setting a buffet on the counter very awkward and crowded. We were young and at that point, we didn't want to add too many upgrades to the house. a giveaway every day. Both patterns are in the latest issue of Crochet Today/ Los dos patrones estan en la ultima Crochet Today I've been also meaning to tell you for the longest time that my patterns are also available in Ravelry -my user name is anapaulaoli. Tengo tanto suenho que se me cierran los ojos! xo!. A good read. Well worth your time. From David P. in NC. Enjoy!. have you seen the ippity stamps from unity?! you can pick a chick and order.

it's quite easy.

i used my ippity stamps in a project life page. see: soooo. i have three kids, in multiple sports. i bring my project life stuff with me to practices so i can work on them in the car or at the gym or ball field. i pre-stamp my unity images: and then put them in my bag-o-tricks and bust them out when i have a spare minute.


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We are lucky to have wonderful coach service, which runs twice a day, every day, and it takes us in just under two and half hours to central London.

I was looking forward very much to this exhibition and I wasn't disappointed. The quilts very were well displayed, be it in dimmed light, because of the age of some of the exhibits. Some were from V&A own collection, some from other public and private collections. It was quite amazing to see, how quiltmaking recorded events of the time they were made in. I will not write an extensive review here, others are and will be doing it so much better. you may need a Kleenex or two. The photos and sweet details from this wedding kill me-check out all the posts from this special day on Once Wed. Darlings, suits on the resort runways ranged from tuxedo-inspired to skirted to short suits. Something for every taste and office!Photos via style. It's Day Two of Verve's new release spotlights. The new sets will be available in the store tonight immediately following our Release Party in the Verve Forum. And last, here's the unique part, there are also background stamps with teeny, tiny text that coordinates with the larger quote stamps. For my peek card, I've created a scene using some of the Text Objects elements, along with the Wordy Birds pair from yesterday's peeks. I've stamped the green rolling hill with one of the text background stamps. Then I've pulled in a larger sentiment stamp for the banner. I just stamped each letter individually in order to make the banner. Purple HedgehogI made this card the other day as a quick second card for my class, last Tuesday. I have stamped and coloured the Penny Black hedgehog with Prismacolors and Sansador. Not a very good photo I'm afraid as my camera has gone very odd again!Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. .