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I did get in some fantastic training rides this past week, but since the big one was the "Renegade Gents Race", I'll defer the write up on that until tomorrow. So, the final swap over to gears was made. This was the plan all along, but it took me awhile to gather all the parts I wanted for the switch. The "Orange Crush" machine works really great as a single speed though, so at some point I may return it to that configuration. I had thought about going with Campy stuff that I had, but a wheel would have been necessary. It would have needed to have been built up, or purchased as a pre-built. Then I would have had the derailleur for the rear to buy as well. DARUMAPEDIA - Latest Additions - NEWS. But there are some simple steps you can take to end your paper affair and stop having to constantly manage piles of paper at the office.

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You'll walk away from this with webinar the real cost benefits of going paperless, and steps you can take to dramatically reduce, if not eliminate paper. By: Lawlogix. courtesy of singtao. cc The Busan International Film Festival, the Hong Kong International Film Festival and the Tokyo International Film Festival founded Asian Film Awards Academy this year continues to present the Moet-AFA Outstanding Asian Special Awards. His acting substance and charm was unrivaled, and the effort that he has put absolutely was worth learning from. Thus he will receive the Asian Outstanding Actor award for his excellence in cinematic achievements. Finally, after strict selections the academy chose Chinese star Wang Likun and Korean star Lee Soo-Hyuk. All three award winners Kwok Fu Sing, Wang Likun and Lee Soo-Hyuk will personally accept the awards. No mean feat as the first ever event was described as “The best night in Dundee EVER!” and featured a dancing milk carton! And last year, a much more violent and destructive affair, featured vinyl records, keyboards and pride being destroyed all in the name of Karaoke! This year, we will see amazing Karaoke videos and beautiful and bizarre Karaoke performances.

We will laugh! We will cry! We will sing! We will award tremendousness! We will do all of this.

but not without your help.

If you have ever been to an AGK or Yuck ’n Yum event.

If you have ever taken one of our free zines or watched previous years' AGK videos online or if you plan to attend this year, please help us make it happen. To Dundee's Chamber East last night for BYOPPT, an event that gave Powerpoint Presentations aplenty. Speakers included myself and Yuck 'n Yum's very own Alex Tobin. m. today at this link:. It was the season opener for both squads. Labels: Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa girls tennis. Wow!! That's a lot of great stuff to go through. So without any further ado. I'm sorry, but this is evil. In the wake of the passing of Jack Palance, I thought I would take a look at some of his European films. My friend Carlos Aguilar, the noted Spanish critic and film historian, recently wrote to me that Klimovsky was, along with Joaquin Romero Marchent, one of the prime movers in Franco's early film career, one of his spiritual father figures in the history of Spanish genre cinema. Klimovsky was a dependable journeyman and not a director noted for unhinged experimentation. pinterest.

I postkassen fant jeg en spennend konvolutt idag.

Hva kunne det være? Så fant jeg denne, og da visste jeg. En Limegrønn anisisop, jeg har jo klart å luke litt for godt. Denne er fra Mari Anne, superduper megatakk !! Du er en knupp Idag har jeg vært på kaffe/ hagebesøk hos en venninde. Som hentet fra et interiørblad. Men i en krok fant jeg også kjerringrokk, tokk med meg nesten en halv Rimipose. Hey guys. Quick update today. I added a new picture of Lukas Rosol to his page in the brieflines archive. Enjoy. He set Joshua apart in front of the people so that they would follow him after Moses was gone. God also said of Joshua that he had a spirit of leadership. This brought confidence to the people that he was worthy to be followed when Moses had to leave.

He knows your trudging around through this great wilderness.

Observation: God is speaking to Moses and helps him remember how good God had been to them. He reminds Moses that He had been with them and that they lacked nothing throughout the forty years in the wilderness. When the children of Israel should have definitely been dead in the wilderness, they lacked nothing. They were under God's judgement, yet never lacked anything.

He still provided every meal for them.

Atlas the ram—who was raised here last year and then bartered to Brett in exchange for help building a pole barn—is outside right now with the flock.

He'll stay here two months and in that time he should have performed all the duties a ram should. This means lambs on the ground in late May or early June. To make sure there is plenty of grass available for the flock. To make it easier on me, the shepherd. A later lambing date means the sheep I currently have can be rotationally grazed on the current pasture that exists, as well as help clear land for new pasture in the woods. Since I do not have any specific market dates to meet, I can raise the sheep when I please. I know I'd rather give birth on green grass in a light wool sweater than in an ice storm in a full parka. on the runway at JIL SANDER, applied gold LEAF, under the radar Elegance. parking on the GA apron. But there's another mother there, and another father, and they want her to stay and be their little girl. They want to change her and never let her go. Coraline will have to fight with all her wit and courage if she is to save herself and return to her ordinary life. Celebrating ten years of Neil Gaiman's first modern classic for young readers, this edition is enriched with a brand-new foreword from the author, a reader's guide, and more. For more information about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. The winners are:- Leonna Chodos, from Campbell, California, USA- Steven Wilber, from Alexandria, Virginia, USA- Shantee' Woodards, from Annapolis, Maryland, USAMany thanks to all the participants!. Visit CARIRI's website at CED's website at . I think everyone knows this band and there is no need to introduce them. She has photographed her quilts and is selling notecards with the beautiful photos on them. I'm ready to order mine, how about you?. My days are full lately. Pillows fill that time nicely. More soon. -dana. So sultry and sexy!. It began rainy season here. For about one month, it will rain a lot. I made three shirts for my Tomato. These two shirts are from my and my husband's old shirts. When we were preparing our moving, we found lots of old clothes but couldn't throw them away. So I reserved them for remake. And this white shirt is from cotton waffle knit what I got at SWANY. I got a big piece of it, so now I think of what I make with it next.

I was never a big fan of cranberry sauce until I started making this recipe.

This can transform your Thanksgiving meal. As my husband remarked when I gave him a taste of this yesterday, you can eat a bowl of this by itself. And when you are done with your turkey dinner, eat some of this on top of ice cream. Normally I make this with a good hearty port but I skipped that since this is for the shelter and used orange juice and apple juice instead. You can find the recipe here: This lasts for weeks in the fridge. I'm so excited to share my tutorial today because it's such a simple solution for storing your full spools of beautiful Really Reasonable Ribbons. Don't hide them away.

keep them out so they're handy and easy to find.

But if your thinking to yourself. the spool is not as beautiful as the ribbon on the spool. But why shouldn't they be??? Finish them off and add them to a pretty vintage bowl or tray and keep them right out on your work surface. At New Milford High School we are always encouraging collaborations resulting in interdisciplinary projects. Recently students from Mr. Students were to incorporate all of the associated subject matter, vocabulary, and major concepts whilst creating a narrative that a small child could not only understand but also be entertained by.


Manzo’s students went above and beyond all expectations of the assignment by creating themes that were not only appealing to children but also an accurate reflection on the rise and fall of Napoleon. Mrs. A little river, more like a very little river. What one might call it is alright and the fact it has been here perhaps since the last ice age with so little change is OK by me. This day found myself walking about, trying to find some willing fish to take my offerings. One would have to agree with me when you look at them that they are indeed hard to pass up. The small soft hackles were cast upon the small run, and as always something new was to fall upon this angler. As the fly moved between the first set of stones a trout rose to take the fly. He missed the first time but continued to swipe at the fly several times stopping as the fly reached the second set of stones. .