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 Featuring a pearl white and thunder black two-tone paint scheme, this bike is sure to turn heads on the open road. The LE also features stylish chrome accents, including chrome highway pegs and a chrome arrow-style shift rod that add a custom touch to this already striking motorcycle. The Limited Edition offers more than just great looks. The quick detach passenger backrest and luggage rack allows you to go from cruising around with your crew to riding your favorite scenic route with someone special in no time. This iconic motorcycle harkens back to Indian’s roots, but features a paint scheme that will never go out of style. Why it inspires: "There is so much about this book that was revolutionary. You have a heroine who is plain, but she's clever. " Dave Astor admits to his Jane Eyre addiction in The Huffington Post.

But can I stop mentioning Jane Eyre in blog posts? No.

If ever a person needed another chance in the love department, it was Rochester. The ancestry assessment suggests a mixture of 'black' and 'white' ancestral traits. It seems likely that she is of North African descent, and may have migrated to York from somewhere warmer, possibly the Mediterranean. The “Ivory Bangle Lady” will be the centrepiece of an exhibition at the Yorkshire Museum in August entitled Roman York: Meet the People of the Empire.

Archaeologists have discovered that wealthy black Africans lived in Roman Britain in one of the country’s earliest examples of multiculturalism.

Why not sign up and stay informed about your favourite Scottish art zine: LINK. The annual initiative is held every year on Oct. Joe Scriv, Champ, Principal Rita Ashley, and Mavs Man getting ready to inspire kids to be drug free. Campuses around Mansfield ISD joined the effort to show the importance of living a drug-free lifestyle. Students and staff took part in activities like putting a cap to drugs by hearing hats, showing that they have power over drugs by dressing up as super heroes, and turning their backs to drugs by wearing their clothes backwards. Mary Lillard Intermediate School had something special in store for their students to kick off Red Ribbon Week. Hello! I'm back with one more project made with the Monthly Moments: September stamps, dies and Journal Card Collection by Papertrey Ink. If you'd like to see all of the products separately, you can see them here. With the cooler nights and all of the back-to-school events lately, I was in a mood to create a fall-ish thankful mini album. I haven't added photos yet, but photos will be easy to insert, just punch holes at the top and add them in between the pages on the binder ring! Along with the Monthly Moments products, I've also used the Autumn Adornments stamps on the front cover, stamped and embossed it with gold embossing powder onto a Monthly Moments Journal card. The thankful was cut from gold paper. The second page is another Monthly Moments: September Journal Card. I stamped "fall" with the stamp set and embossed it in gold again, trimmed it out and added a leaf die cut from the Doodlie-Do dies. You could add photos, journaling, etc. Edinburgh korfezinden karsiya gecerken. Loch Leven/Leven Golu. Elizabeth filmini izleyenler, Queen Marry'yi ordan hatirlayabilirler.

MK arabada uyudugu ve uyanmasina daha cok oldugu icin kaleyi gezemeden donduk maalesef.

"Well? Are you? Oh wait, all my sides are good sides!"And yet again. Tristan is booted off the dog bed. That small pillow is supposed to be for the kitten. It would be extremely convenient and a logical assumption that Tori Campbell leaving KTVU was hastened by her direct involvement in the Asiana Airline pilot's name gaffe. It would also be wrong too. " No one else at the station other than a few management figures were notified. " I still haven't found it after all these years. My mother used to hear me playing that song and cry and she didn't know what the words meant, but got emotional because of the raw pain in his voice. What the heck was that song????. Made me some of those quilted pot holders I have been seeing everywhere, out of a bunch of my wee scraps and some natural cotton:Nothing fancy, but I am a sucker for the simple look of a strip of patchwork against linen or cotton, aren't you? I was thinking that pot holders are the perfect "tutorial" for quilt making- it involves a bit of design, piecing, quilting, binding. Maybe I should see who else of my friends I can get addicted. Kuvassa on meidän raparpereja kesäkuun puolestavälistä, niillä värjääminen vain venyi ja venyi, kunnes viime viikonloppuna sain kerättyä lehdet kahdesta puskasta, suurin osa raparperikkoa on edelleen hyvissä voinneissa. Varret olivat jo niin puutuneita, että laitoin ne suosiolla kompostiin, mutta lehdet olivat isoja kuin mitkä. Käytän aika monissa värjäyksissä noita muovisia perunasäkkejä, sipulisäkitkin ovat hyviä, joskin usein pienempiä. Olen ostanut niitä maatalouskaupasta ihan tätä tarkoitusta varten. Raparperien kanssa pussi on ihan ehdoton, varsinkin jos mukaan joutuu varren paloja, niitä on hyvin hankala siivilöidä pois ja myös kiisselin peseminen langasta ei ole kaikkein helpoimpia töitä. Keitin lehtiä muutaman tunnin, vaikka määrien kanssa olen aika tarkka, niin keittoajat ovat minulla hyvin venyviä, usein annan kiehua aika pitkään tehden samalla jotain muuta. I know why get up so early? well it's quiet, it's nice and cool and if we slept all morning we'd miss it!!! Today it's picture day! We have our Mini Tripod and Camera ready to go. I am dying of heat already and steve's running around with the self timer. he got some great photos that i can't wait to scrapbook with, and we didn't really coordinate our outfits, but we tried! Next time we'll be a bit more prepared. If they can't grab power again this time, they will grab whatever they can. Lesson: Paulson says the banks have to lend out the money, quickly. It's like when your Dad caught you smoking as a kid and made you sit there and smoke the whole pack. Kibitzing: "I don't think we can escape damage to the real economy. I think we almost inevitably face a considerable recession.

" Paul Volcker, former head Fed.

Have a lovely, lovely Sunday. Yesterday, I was totally shocked. I received the newest issue of Rowan Yarn's Knitting Newsletter which goes to certain subscribers throughout the world - it is called the Rowan International Knitting Club. And guess what? There I was in a two page feature called A Day in the Life of Kristin Nicholas. I sent it in anyway and never heard a thing. I figured, oh well - missed the date. That procrastination thing got me again! But I guess I wasn't too late. And it is a real thrill for me.

After spending months landscaping our backyard we ended up with lots of branches that were trimmed from trees and I've been saving them for future projects.

Recently I had andy cut some slices for me that I transformed into some colorful coasters. I obsessed with color which means I am obsessed with the color wheel so I painted my own loose interpretation of the color wheel on each wood slice. Optional: coat wood with a clear polyurethane. dekornerstore.

So a cold front came through this week, and it had me lighting a fire in the woodstove last night - a seasonal record! Frost warnings littered the weather reports and all after the kailyard, kitchen garden, and little chicks had been growing strong for weeks.

I wore a hoodie all day yesterday and was torn on wether or not to install heat lamps in the chicken tractors. I didn't use the heat lamps and they were fine. They had blankets and tarps over the tractors and insulating hay to sleep on. No one was wet or dew-damp and it was so encouraging to know a chilly night wouldn't bring them low. Happy Friday!!! It's Stephanie here just to pop in and remind you about this weeks Stamp Of the Week. It's a really sweet one this week well they always are lol.

Here is a little card I made using this stamp so much fun!!!.

Kalian tentu saja ingin tubuh kalian sexy dan sehat kan? Tentu saja caranya dengan berdiet. hmmm tapi banyak resiko lo dalam berdiet, apalagi dengan menggunakan obat, pakaian pembentuk tubuh, operasi atau apalah. Daripada menggunakan cara-cara itu, lebih baik kita tidak melakukannya daripada itu akan mengganggu kesehatan kita sendiri nantinya. Daripada mengkonsumsi minuman yang tidak bermanfaat dan merugikan, lebih baik ketika kalian merasa haus, minum saja air putih yang banyak. I wrote a post today over at Stash Manicure about creating purses out of scraps leftover from quilts. Go here to check it out!! Let me know what you think!. H/T to Donald Douglas of American Power.

Another sunny day in Bolinas.

Patch: A handful of surfers out. Waist - shoulder high sets breaking far out- not too steep of a wave so you will still want a longboard for the patch.

Should stay good until the tide drops dramatically later in the day.

Anticipate the size to decrease with the outgoing tide. We have new locally shaped Hand Planes in the shop made from recycled skateboards. Pair it with a set of Churchill fins and you will always have a smile on your face after your session. The anxiety of launching this long time project was held at bay by my dearest friend Emily who came along to help me and keep me happily in the moment. The two of us away from our families for a long weekend, basking in the spans of time opened up by not parenting for a short time, had such a good time. Everyone I met with was so kind and excited about the Polka Dot Club. Talking about the project after so long was fun and easy and I met so many wonderful new people. specifically Anna of Misha and Puff and Kristen of Manimal. You know those magic moments when you meet people and you realize instantly that they will be in your life for some time? They are both makers and mothers and deeply good people and I'm so happy I traveled to NYC if it was only to meet them. k. a. Today we're showing off I Want Candy, previously available only as part of a kit, but now available on its own. Finally, today's card is my sample for this week's Sketch For You To Try. A Spoonful Of Sugar 'Celebrations' ChallengeThis weeks challenge at A Spoonful Of Sugar is to make a card for any type of celebration. This subject spoke with a slight French accent but couldnot remember where she had gotten the fab blue shoes. This is where we are staying. This is the ocean in front of us edged with granite rocks. This is what lies between the house and the rocks. There are walking paths cutting through this. The houses are enclosed by either fences or. Thanks so much to everyone who hopped with us already. So, if you hopped yesterday, why don't you swing by Tilly's blog to see her fun project using our November Ribbon Club Assortment. For anyone starting the hop today, you can just scroll down to the post below and follow along through the hop. Thanks so much and enjoy your Sunday. .