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Ricardo solved the problem, once he had determined its nature, by lowering the underside of the cylinder head in that part of the chamber over the piston. Thus, most of the mixture was concentrated right at the ignition source, and would be more likely to burn without detonating. That still is the secret of the squish-type cylinder head: It concentrates the main charge in a tight pocket under the spark plug, and spreads the mixture at the cylinder-bore's edges too thinly to be heated to the point of ignition. These “end gases” do not burn with the main charge, and are only partly consumed as the piston moves away from top center and releases them from their cooling contact with the surrounding metal. McCulloch, for example, make engines with both squish and non-squish cylinder head configurations - having found that both have their applications. "After installing thousands of Flare Windshields at events and locations across the world over the years, we’ve added the final touch," Brian Klock, owner and visionary of Klock Werks said. "This simple, yet effective, design will set your bike apart from others. " The Klock Werks Flare Series Windshield Trim options are a perfect accent to your new Flare™ Windshield on your batwing style fairing, and they are easy to install. Five styles to choose from, all machined from billet aluminum, offered in either chrome or contrast cut with hardware included. You trusted us with your air management, now leave the details up to us too. Hardware is included. kustombaggers. By Kathy A.

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As you may recall, two nights a week, we have Giant Salad™ for dinner.

A while back, Mr. Vegan Eats and Treats discovered that eating his salad was easier if he used one of my little serving utensils instead of a regular fork. I thought he was silly and continued eating my salad with my puny fork. Then, one day, tragedy struck, and one of the prongs broke off of his one-and-only salad spork. So, I spent many days and hours driving around town to various thrift store and found a couple suitable replacements - a perfect Christmas present for the man who has everything. Scratch the surface of the average American with regard to our fundamental documents and you quickly descend into a morass of confusion. Throw in a quote of note and they can't really tell you which of the core documents it came from. Imply to them that the Constitution describes a limited government designed to be subservient to the states from which that national entity derives power and you will get scoffs and eye-rolling. 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Gi meg en saks og jeg går helt vill, denne gang med en ny greinsaks fra Fiskars som jeg fant på Jula, det er rene julekvelden for meg, gjett at den er god å klippe med, både tykke syrinstammer, morellgreiner och svarthyll… En liten hage uten hekk ble det til, nå er det lyst og luftig, full innsyn og hvis det blåser så gjør det det helt sikkert i min hage også. Det ble ytterligere fire søppelsekker med avklipp, men det grusommeste er vel å se min sypress som har blitt helt naken, blottet nedtil…hva nå, kanskje jeg skal plantere en busk nederst? Det er da enda godt å vite at det vokser ut igjen, tar litt tid, noen år sikkert, men både syrin og svarthyll vokser, iblant voldsomt… Sukk. jeg og sakser. uff… men nå er det gjort…. To reduce production costs, the GM is equipped with a simple cockpit block instead of a transforming Core Fighter, and its arnament consists of a single beam saber and short-range beam spray gun. Mass production of the GM doesn’t begin until relatively immense resources enable it to produce hundreds of these mobile suits in just three months. With the waist mount latch, the beam spray gun can be stored on the GM’s hip. What I like most about this kit is the uniquely bazooka back-mounted rack which allowed the bazooka to be stowed on it. If you switch to the usual backpack, the twin sabers can be attached. Hey guys, I hope you had a happy halloween, got lots of candy or other treats. I was too partied out to make an update yesterday, so I'm doing two today. Novak Djokovic's page on the brflines site was update with eight new pics. Novak's been a steady performer with the briefs under light shorts. I did see a recent pic of him at the Paris Masters where it looked like he was wearing briefs again. Hopefully, the shorts didn't catch on. Anyway, enjoy the update!. There now follows a report of an important scientific study by way of a guest post by fellow jewel robber, Ivan. F. 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For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. Traveling with him are Churls, a warrior woman and mercenary haunted by the ghost of her daughter, and Berun, a constructed man made of modular spheres possessed by the foul spirit of his creator. You won't see this reprinted in the halls of academe or NIWA.

From Steven Hayward, repeated in full.

Since the beginning of December there had been a hard and almost unbroken frost. All the canals of Venice were frozen, and the mouth of the Tagus at Lisbon. Masses of ice appeared in the Channel and the North Sea. Olives and vines split asunder. Cattle and sheep perished in great numbers. The game died in the forests, the rabbits in their burrows. Hello, My Friends!Check out this FREE VIDEO CLASS at Stephanie's Stamp Pad! See how to make this adorable mailbox card HERE Happy Stamping!. Sunny skies again with lots of blue and a few little clouds. Most importantly no rain and a bit of surf in town. Channel: Waves breaking in the waist high range.

Bars are working again and it is mostly lefts that are smooth and longboardable.

Patch: Midway in the Patch there are waves in the thigh to waist high size.

A few longboarders out catching rights and the occasional left. The June challenge over at Christmas Cards All Year Round was to create five cards with a design of your own choice - anything goes! I drew this little berry branch a couple of weeks ago and thought it would look lovely for Christmas. Teamed with the black and red colours the overall design has a very oriental air I think. This was another entree that I made for the party the other day. The Blog Tech said that this was one of the best things he has ever tasted. If you like meatloaf, this is probably the tastiest one you could ever eat. Mix thoroughly. Cook a small piece and taste it and adjust seasoning if necessary. Divide into four equal pieces. Bizarro is brought to you today by How To Use Your Nose To Impress The Ladies. Here's a fun story. The color cartoon shown here is what appeared in my client newspapers but it is not the way I originally wrote or drew it. The black and white cartoon below was my first attempt. The original gag was supposed to be that a couple of white ladies see a middle-aged black lady walking a blond baby in a stroller and think she has adopted him. What they are actually seeing are nannies, of course. I don't know about other parts of the country, but here in NYC one regularly sees middle-aged women-of-color walking white kids. Evidently, lots of rich white folks don't raise their own kids and who can blame them? Making babies is so much more fun than making sure they don't grow up to be scourges on society. Each having a rate. .