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Quick post today. I would like to share with you a card I created using Angelica w/ Lantern by Inky Impressions. I used some MME papers from the lost and found collection. Colored Angelica with some copic markers. Added some Polar White flower soft to the ground to mimic snow. I distressed the edges of all my paper. The sentiment is a rub-on. Remember to check out the Inky Impressions store! Thanks for looking today and hope you have a great one! Hugs, Pin It. reclining on her throne. Well, I had a heck of a day yesterday. I ended up in the ER with abdominal pain. They did a million tests and everything is okay, which is good, but I still don't feel very well. I am so frustrated this happened on my second week of my new job. Ugh!Anyways, I decided to post tonight because this blog makes me happy, and I need some happy! So, here I go!I am in love with this butterfly stamp from Basic Grey. I colored in the butterfly with copics, cut him out, and then smeared liquid pearls all over the cut out. It makes the butterfly look pearlescent. It is the coolest technique that I saw on Jennifer McGuire's blog. Obwohl sie älter ist als er, verfällt er in Schwärmereien und malt sich eine gemeinsame Zukunft mit ihr aus. Bis er ein Gespräch überhört, das ihre Verlobung mit einem anderen Mann offenbart. Ernüchtert wendet William sich von ihr ab. Doch als er sich einige Zeit später in die junge Lehrerin Frances Henri verliebt, schürt dies den Unmut von Mlle Reuter, die gekränkt versucht, einen Keil zwischen das junge Glück zu treiben. Causes of Diabetes and ObesityGut Bacteria: Fish study illuminates how gut bacteria associated with obesity might promote it. The bacteria, also found associated with obesity in humans increases the absorption of dietary fat. ” It represented the positive hope of the survivors and the family members of the victims of June Fourth. It has only been three months since this phrase was written, but our hope is fading and despair is drawing near. Nowadays, Chinese society is permeated with a general sense of despair. We don’t believe business associations. We also don’t believe newspapers. I just couldn't take it for one more day. My breast, a. k. They fought over sides and positions. A Stock Island man was arrested after surveillance video caught him as he stole boat motor parts from a boat on Roberta Street on Stock Island. Deputy Matt Dowling took the report and then called for assistance from detectives. Detectives David Chavka and John Underwood responded.

Detective Chavka found a nearby surveillance camera and watched the video for the night the parts were taken.

m. he saw a man and woman near the boat. I am going to feature a few cards I have made using Craftwork Cards range of templates. Sorry about the funny angle of this card, trying to show the inside as well and it didn't really work. I have used the new 'On the Edge' Elegant card blank - I love, love, love these. Up close for the finer details. Up close to see the centre in more detail. I will be back tomorrow with some ideas using the It's a Hoot template with Owls and Birds. I have awesome blog readers. Some folks had been imagining some pretty dire stuff, so I guess I'll catch everyone up. WARNING: This is why I hadn't been blogging - because everything I wrote made me sound like Eeyore and it's been one stupid, annoying, or horrible thing after another around here. But here we go. My brother died in October. I think I mentioned that. While I was in the middle of drug-resistant pneumonia.

Sekhmet passed away at the end of November.

I'm reasonably sure she booby-trapped the house with cat toys as a reminder, because I'm still finding - and sniffling - over them. the brands… blouse: vintage thrifted. shorts: express. shoes: ivanka trump. After debating again, I figured I’d just rock the trend my way – with a bit of the pin-up flair. Is that Canada I see over there? Naw. I nearly posted a premature obituary Sunday afternoon. My story would have been about Professor Jiggs. He fell twice on Sunday afternoon. His back legs simply would not hold him up. It reminded me of those news reels where race horses struggle to get up with broken legs. Traumatic for him. Traumatic for me. First, the obligatory sheep photo though. It's been raining, raining, raining. The sheep must be sick of it although the grass is growing like crazy. It's God Stop Friday and I'm jumping in this week. Thanks Patty for encouraging us to document what God is doing. Once we got out of the city, on that LONG stretch of nothing. the rain stopped and I noticed a rainbow. I grabbed the camera and took a picture. A stranger walked towards a small little boy whom he met along the streets. The man told the little boy that it is most fortunate that fate had brought them together, hence he is going to bestow a gift to the little boy. He can just take the money and go, with the knowledge that on this particular day, a kind stranger had chosen to bestow a great gift to an unknown boy. It doesn't even require simple maths or quantitative analysis to figure out which choice is the most rational one to take. Such an obvious choice do not even require any thinking at all, some of the people in the crowd thought aloud. Powerful Poison. I was asked to share. I do so gladly. Stay safe. A Secret Revealed When I began From the House of Edward four years ago, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. My busy career in interior design had slowed with the American economy leaving my creative spirit antsy and bored, so I thought the little experiment of a blog would be an interesting diversion. So little, so very little, did I know. I began to write, and suddenly, to my amazement, doors began to fly open up and down the hallways of my imagination, some locked since childhood and each one more mysterious, more fascinating, than the last. Finally all the musings and fancies that had flitted through my mind for years had somewhere to land. I began to look forward to gathering ideas around me like a wildly embroidered cloak and sitting down each day to write. Everyone I talk to has been hit by our economic downturn. Will there be an end in sight?As one who believes in the strength, spirit, talent andcreativity of our fellow countrymen I sayYes We Will turn our economy around!Until then we will stand tall, have faith, love our friendsand family and take joy in the simple pleasures of life. We will reuse and repurpose.

We will plant Victory Gardens like ourcountry did in the past.

We will blog on and share tips. Just go to the sidebar to turn it on. Playlistunfortunately no longer turns on upon opening the page. For a music lover like me, this is regrettable.

If Walls Could Talk We can all be found somewhere on the same dirt road, kicking up dust, gradually revealing, feverishly working toward finding new ways to form and mature.

We build substrates from which we obtain our creative nourishment and the courage to inscribe our visual stories. constantly seeking where everything outside of us ends and where we begin.

Join Orly and myself for a five-day, texture-making, art-journaling, book-binding experience.

One of the best things that happened at the funeral was that it brought the Beadle side of the family together. Because this rarely happens, I just knew we needed to take some family photos. Here's just a few of them:The Beadle Clan - quite the crew!Mom and all of her kids and grandbabiesGrandma Jo and her grandkids. Our work and enjoyment of the ocean scene along the Long Beach coast is, as usual, too often interrupted with balloons. Facundo skillfully hooks the bundle just after it settles on the ocean surface. Closer inspection reveals this pollution was generated in celebration of a little girls first birthday. Another colorful bundle of balloons reads "Caring with a personal touch". Later in the lab we will see if these fish have been including plastic in their diet.

Lami was traveling back to his home in Sadr City when a car cut him off, gunmen with silencers jumped out, and shot him in the head.

Lami is the most prominent government official to be killed in a rash of assassinations that have been happening in the country for the last several months. There have been a slew of accusations over who was responsible for Lami’s death. After talking to the Kurdish online paper Rudaw in April, and saying that if U. S. Amongst his statements he made the point that the American withdrawal would leave the country vulnerable to other countries because it relies upon them for help with air and border security. He also stated that a U. S. presence was needed in the disputed territories where they have created joint Iraqi-American-Kurdish checkpoints to help moderate arguments there. His overall message was that the Iraqi military needed continued aid from the U. S.

I finished this beautiful quilt made by Stephanie this week.

She requested Bountiful Feathers, so I bought the pattern and I'm sure I will use it often. It's so nice that they will do a custom size for you at no extra cost. I really appreciate it. The no-weapons rule enacted at the Spokane Arena a few months ago snagged an unintended victim Saturday night – Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich. You, not so much.

"Reminds me of Kasich.

Philip Start the Shoreditch retailer with London fashion photographer Alistair Guy. Start, Philips made-to-measure shop. Hello, Ribbon Lovers! How are you surviving the summer heat? It has been sweltering here in North Carolina. I only go outside to water my herbs and check the mail. and even then I break into a sweat. Ugh! So I've been spending a lot of time in my studio working on building up my card stash. I love how soft and shimmery this ribbon is, and so easy to work with! I topped it off with a little bead/berry spray to add even a little more glitz and glam to this holiday card. The beautiful image is from Polly's Paper Studio Retro Christmas Creative Kit. I added a little glitter and stitched the focal to white burlap. Peter Putnam Phil Heath Robby Robinson Ronnie Coleman Scott Dorn. From the top: Frank McGrath James Lewis Hidetada Yamagishi Jay Cutler. I routinely blog throughout the school year about my staff and the great work they are doing to create learning environments that are engaging, rigorous, and student-centered. This is something I take great pride in each day.

Image credit: a result I often field requests for visits to my school to take a more detailed look at how my teachers are effectively integrating technology to improve teaching and learning.

Last year representatives from Pearson reached out to me about visiting NMHS to observe some of my history teachers in action. It should be noted that this visit had absolutely nothing to do with Pearson trying to get us to purchase or review any other their products.

The following is an except from an email that I received today from one of the representatives.

"Every day, I continue to find connections between my work at Pearson and the activities I observed at New Milford High.