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Applegate. co. uk/. My remote start Honda has given me well over a couple hundred hours from inside a box. The box/generator used to be on my camper tongue, now it's on the roof of my boat. The grill is the front of the generator and also air in. The round cover is for emergency pull start. The top hatch opens for access to the gas tank. This is the exit/exhaust side - through the louvers. The round brass thing is an old heat sensing alarm that came with the house, but you can see it's not really necessary - the louvers are not even discolored from excessive heat. Here's how we fill the generator without using a gas can. Pattern on the facade of the Louise and James Robert Moffett Molecular Biology Building, University of Texas at Austin. Photos by I. Peterson. DOLLAR On the dollar I seen this article today, "Why the Dollar's Reign is Near an End" in the WSJ: So we have some definite mainstream bearishness being displayed. The article even goes on to say that it will no longer be used as a "flight to safety". Its written by an Economics professor of course.

Mish pretty much addresses the dollar's safe reserve status here in this post And Mish's conclusions are dead on.

The dollar cannot possibly lose reserve status because of simple math alone. When KC told us she was interviewing for a job in Ventura, I put my decorating on hold. There were so many unanswered questions - Would she get the job? Would she stay with us for awhile and, how long? Would she take any of my furniture? Would she bring back any furniture? For the months of September and October, I kayaked, cycled, swam, walked, and gardened, but I did no decorating. I felt like I had lost my decorating mojo. We have answers to the questions - Yes, she got the job. Yes, she took some furniture. Yes, she brought back some furniture. This week, things are back to normal - I'm shaking up things all over the house. Four stars for Sally Cookson's Jane Eyre on British Theatre.

As impressive as the acting mostly is just as much credit belongs to the large creative team whose names occupy more space in the programme than the stage team.

Cookson deserves high praise for devising a fine concept and applying it in rigorous detail right through the evening. Time and again Aideen Malone’s lighting-plot transforms a mundane moment into something special, and Katie Sykes’ costumes assert the period clearly while leaving flexibility for quick changes and adaptations. I have said nothing so far of the music in this production, which in some respects is the most notable aspect of the work. Nestled in the centre of the set is a piano, a percussion set, and space for a violinist and accordion player. Benji Bower and a couple of other musicians provide a subtle blend of jazz, folk and cute minimalist underscoring that adds deftly to the atmosphere and pacing of the whole. Her sumptuous voice takes us through several songs, familiar and unfamiliar, until she is gradually revealed to be Bertha Mason herself. ".

Marathon – A Marathon man is in jail, charged with threatening another man with a gun.


, deputies responded to the bar to reports of a man with a gun. , had chased him down the street with a gun in his hand. What has been your favourite card or project this year? I have been having a look back at some of my cards/projects and thought I would share a few of them over the next few days. When I started looking back through the images of my cards I didnt know I would find so many that I wanted to share again with you all. I love this Martha Stewart elephant punch and I love how this card turned out. A circle punched tree made using Blossom range of papers, sprinkled with Card Candy. Another Blossom inspired card. See you tomorrow for more of my favourite cards. A long way away and not best quality but its a record shot ! ' BW. The nation that was appalled at Clark Gable's utterance to Scarlett O'Hara on film now finds it exceptionally rare to view a movie or cable TV presentation which doesn't rely on that special "F-bomb" as noun, verb, adjective, pronoun, adverb and conjunction. I've got students who can't speak two sentences in class without stumbling into scatological references inadvertently. That of course leads to what the Bamster likes to call a "teachable moment. " So then, what to make of this:Mark Twain Spinning at High RPM This deserves a public outcry! The very point of the language is to typify the time. Highlight was a great spotted woodpecker in Bushcliff Wood to add to the year list. The Knotty Girls Stitching Bee met tonight at the Attic Window Quilt Shop and as usual it proved to be a fun filled event. I had to take a picture of this adorable kitten. He is on a wool quilt/wallhanging that Sherri is making. Above Sherri demonstrates how to make a certain stitch on her wool project. JoAnn shows us the wallhanging she finished in time for Halloween. Isn’t it cute!Dee is working on an autumn stitchery that will be a wallhanging. Someone said that it was a good idea that she decided on making it into a wallhanging instead of a pillow. “People drool on pillows,” the woman said. I’m sorry I couldn’t get a better picture with more contrast to show up her excellent work!One last item I couldn’t resist showing you. Carnations tend to be left alone, while tulips will be destroyed immediately.

I guess they squish nicer between small sharp teeth.

And I got a strong urge to paint my nails soft coral pink. But. I wish I had KNOWN KNOWN. Being in the closet in the middle of the bible belt is not a great way, but its the only way it seems for me. for now. I watch those in the public eye acknowledge and I also see some disavow, like Lindsay Lohan. Yesterday was such a beautiful day, and I'm sure I'll regret not spending some time outdoors. This makes me happy. And it makes me want to sew. It's Summer House by Lily Ashbury. This will have to wait until I get a little further along on this.

The Northwest Florida Paralegal Association is holding an auction to benefit Children's Services Center.

Duh. Wednesday morning is when I try to prepare my homily for Sunday. Today was one of those. I'm preparing a homily following up the pope's decision two weeks ago, permitting wide use of the Mass according to the classic form, i. e. Horny teenagers are a force of nature and no level of supervision could prevent the occasional coupling.

Also, Ben has had one confirmed and one suspected relationship with female prison staff.

He is a lucky, lucky boy!. Remember this:If we never spoke ill of the dead, history would be meaningless. Scampers has to say. Hey guys. I made a hot ginge update today. I added two pics to Chris Guccione's page on the brieflines site. Enjoy!. Observation: When the people of Israel were told there were giants and strong cities in the Promised Land, they decided that they could not defeat them instead of believing God would give them what He promised them.

God had told them to go and take possession of the land, but they didn't think they could do it.

In this text, God calls that rebelling against Him. Application: Faith pleases God. When we trust His word and what He has to say about something, He is pleased. When we shudder in fear about things He has said we can do, it is like rebellion to God. If God says it. I'm diving back in. Oh, I wish. I don't know who Jodie Marsh is, but the video below says she is a model, so does that make her glamorous? Whether the answer is yes or no, she certainly knows her stuff on e-cigs, by crikey! The reason I ask is that e-cigs have attracted some stellar afficionados. And now, Jodie Marsh, the most informed and eloquent celebrity so far on the subject of vaping in my opinion. Early articles on e-cigs portrayed them as uncool or even embarrassing to be seen using. Yet in the past few days detractors have described them in entirely different terms. Of course, if he weren't such an old dog incapable of learning new tricks, he might be sensing an opportunity with all this 'trendy' celebrity-glittered publicity. You know, rather like a proper businessman would do. This is what we get to wake up to every morning in the winter months atthe cabin. Here's yet another head stuck in the sand ivory tower academic looking for a soapbox for his latest nutso theory. And what better soapbox than an anti gummint daily newspaper? According to this rooster, thousands of people are leaving NZ because of some nebulous leftie concept called 'inequality. ' The OECD has issued alarming advice for governments to take "urgent action to tackle rising inequality and social divisions". New Zealand has left these issues unaddressed for too long, and we need to acknowledge it is one of the reasons why our people keep leaving. Never mind the fact that these raw figures do not indicate people's reasons for leaving. Funny that. This matters because it suggests we have trouble retaining people, and might be somehow letting them down. Here's a little peek into what I've been doing this week. See the ugly pink tub below. Vanity Fair has a cover fearing the debut of "Caitlyn Jenner. " In related news, how about Eddie Murphy:.

Awarma also konwon as Hummus with Meat or Hummus Bi Lahmeh is a middle eastern dish famous in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine.

Put in small bowls. Fry meat in ghee until brown. Add a handful of pine nuts, fry until coated with ghee. Pour over the hommus. For further information on these Scams, please Read . The Paris Climate Agreement which touches only the surface but our need to stay in it and not leave as Trump had wanted but then Trump is soon to be gone. Great NESARA post. The new Secretary of State has said that the U. S. should “keep its seat at the table”. President Trump shouldn’t decide to retreat from the Paris Agreement because it would show that America can’t be trusted by our partners to fulfill our promises and we shrink back from global challenges.