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Last year, I made this art quilt I've titled VARIETAL BLEND as a gift to my husband.

His love & admiration for the vineyards of Virginia and Napa Valley inspired me to create this contemporary quilt.

It's my impressionistic view of wine grapes & all the seasonal colors found in the vineyard. It's made from hand-stamped, painted and dyed fabrics. Most of them are bali batiks but a few of them I dyed myself. Contemporary Quilt - YES, but I have another confession. The Yorkshire Post reports that a blue plaque has been installed to mark the connection between Branwell Brontë and Sowerby Bridge station. The plaque has been installed on the exterior wall of the Jubilee Refreshment Rooms, which are part of the original present railway station and close to the newly created Brontë garden, another initiative from the “friends” group, which will be planted with species which featured in Brontë novels. Sill locally, the Spenborough Guardian celebrates the success of the first North Kirklees Literary festival. Good morning! I hope your week has been going well. We are forecasted to get some nasty weather this morning. snow is one thing but freezing rain and sleet are another! Today I am sharing a card that I made using a set from Serendipity Stamps' new spring release called Quilted Hearts. It is a cutie! I used just the largest heart of the set and paper pieced it with different patterned papers. All are from the My Mind's Eye Nostalgia collection. I adhered real buttons to the buttons on the image, a little touch that adds some whimsy to the card. There is a section on the website for New Stamps & Dies where you will find them all. On Tuesday morning, Pat Glass MP has secured an adjournment debate on the Future of the Nursery School. Some basic text you might want to use or adapt is below. You might also want to have a look at Why Nursery Schools Matter from the National Campaign for Real Nursery Education. If you have some time to personalise what you say and make it more relevant to your MP, then your email will have even more effect. If it helps, have a look at what I wrote to Stephen Timms MP. The continued closure of nursery schools is a matter of great concern to me, and I think it is urgent that parliament speaks up to support them. Dr. Bob Morrison discusses the latest on the new Student Nutrition online meal payment system, recent grant awards by the MISD Education Foundation and the district-wide Toys For Tots program that will be held at the Center for the Performing Arts. Today we shall interview the gals that are here with me at the retreat. Opportunity to spend the weekend with friends. Guilt. so I can show my three year old her scrapbook and so the girls will know they are loved so they won’t do drugs or be teen moms.

E' stato anche presidente della locale Circoscrizione.

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Note: The result may be very large, so you need to return a string instead of an integer.

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We've been back and forth to the beach all summer so I haven't had the time to get any decorating projects done in my house. hardly blog worthy! The closet in my office is one area that has really gotten out of control. Yes, he'll forever be the somewhat infamous chap who wound up with one afternoon with Alice Cooper for one KISS snow globe, but Mark Herrmann is a great guy.

Since his trade he's had the good fortune to meet up with Alice and took some amazing pictures.

They're really, really good. Mark's Blog is here And his photos are here Feel free to contact him if you'd like to use the pics for your website/magazine etc. or if you'd like to hire Mark as a photographer. Or at least change your name to disco poutine. When is a supporters page not a supporters page? When it carries a disclaimer, of course. "How odd to have a page showing supporters of a campaign. What isn't clear is how long this deceit has been going on at the Plain Packs Protect website, because that's exactly what it was. It's quite fitting that a campaign to back a proposal based on shoddy evidence and manipulation of the truth has been itself exposed to have been deliberately disingenuous. I was carrying a red bucket full of fresh well water to the goats. Sunlight streamed down on the faded red paint of the barn and I kept careful footing on the ice as I delivered them their morning drink after they just provided mine. I smiled. I do not work with volume here, just need and a little excess. It's a Two-goat dairy, but it certainly is a dairy. Dairy: a building, room, or establishment for the storage, processing, and distribution of milk and milk products. yikes he is cute! Not a kit member yet?? Check out all the sign up details here. I love my monthly kit! It is happy mail that I look forward to each and every month! And there is always so many great images to stamp with! Just a few more days left in January to get this fabulous kit! Happy Monday. Get out your My Ditigal Studio girls! Here is a very cute fun Valentine for you to put together. I found this here. You first take your plastic shovels and cello bags and some conversation hearts. Take the shovel and put it inside int he bag, add the hearts and tie with a ribbon. Gelatin silver photograph, ca. You take what you get. Speaks highly of Ted Cruz. . If you've delivered a baby in the past few years, you probably received a "breastfeeding kit" before leaving the hospital. I think it is silly that they call it this because the main thing included in the kit is formula. N. , M. S. , which I consider to be the breastfeeding Bible. a. , Rasulullah s. a. w. James White had a recent discussion of how Christians should view Muslims.

Well worth viewing: It raises a number of issues I'd like to interact with.

I'm going to summarize or paraphrase his position, because I'm interpreting his statements. He alluded to Donald Trump's recent suggestion that there ought to be a database to track Muslims in our country, we should require religious ID for Muslims, we should deport Muslims, we should monitor mosques, or simply shut them down. There's some dispute about what Trump actually said or meant. Our gov't would use the same tactics to suppress Christian freedom of expression. Here some essay titles on the Gothic, for Macbeth, The Bloody Chamber and Wuthering Heights for AQA A-Level Lit B. Here are my thoughts. First Essay Title: The Gothic is a male genre which either excludes women or presents them negatively. Discuss. The first thought that popped into my head was that the three novels studied put women at the centre - far from excluding them. I then wrote an introduction paragraph. It deals with Narrative Structures and POV Women play a central role in Machbeth, Wuthering Heights and The Bloody Chamber, and are pivotal in the crisis of all these texts, and act as catalysts and even as main point of view characters whose psychological worlds we inhabit. Angela Carter retells the stories of the La Belle et la Bete, in ‘The Bloody Chamber’ shifting from the traditional omniscient detached style of of her folk tale sources into first person and close-focus third narratives, which priorities the entirely female main characters. In Macbeth, unusually, Lady Macbeth is given long soliloquies, and the troubling power-dynamic of her relationship with Macbeth is one of the major themes of the play.

A Fort Lauderdale firefighter and a Plantation police officer were arrested in Tennessee after deputies accused them of striking three occupied homes with bullets while taking late-night target practice.

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