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It's my wonderful friend Sue's birthday today, Happy Birthday Sue! Hope you have a great day.

Thought you might like to see the card that I made for her. I really enjoyed making it - it did take me almost all day to make it but I was so happy with the result and needless to say she loved it too. This is the front of it all folded up. Inside it looked like this with big tags inside each envelope. I haven't posted a CPS card sketch since I have been back from Convention. I think it's time to get back in the swing of things. Here is this weeks sketch and my card. Supplies-All from CTMH-Colonial White CS, Pattern Paper from Boom-di-ada, Bamboo ink, Hollyhock ink, hemp, foam squares, Life's Creation Stamp set. Once there was the Enlightenment. It was the emergence from the Dark Ages and largely a product of man dissociating himself from religion as an explanation for everything good and bad. Science, art and literature could prevail over blind faith and superstition.

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Tell them how many of what size and they filled up a bag for you. The opener lasted just under three and a half hours. m. today, KCAW Raven Radio in Sitka reported. As usual, the price situation is murky at best. Anybody heard anything credible?. Desktop publishing is a new technology which had very much facilitated the production of newspapers and magazines without much stress. However, in Nigeria, these technologies are yet to be fully adopted, obvious reasons are: § Non–availability of the new technology of the new technologies in the information and other sectors. Raj Koothrappali. Craft Day was held this past Friday at the Attic Window Quilt Shop and, oh, my, you are going to be so disappointed you didn't attend. Above is the first project we made. The pattern which was included in our supply kit, included directions for making this in four different sizes. Also in the picture is Lynn W. Joyce H. She and her husband are protesting not about paying taxes per se, but to the selective enforcement of the rules and the coddling of corporate entities such as HSBC: Greg Wise, the actor married to Oscar winner Emma Thompson, has said he and his wife will refuse to pay tax until those involved in the HSBC scandal go to prison. “I want to stop paying tax, until everyone pays tax,” Wise told the Evening Standard. “I have actively loved paying tax, because I am a profound fucking socialist and I believe we are all in it together. But I am disgusted with HMRC. I am disgusted with HSBC. And I’m not paying a penny more until those evil bastards go to prison. ”. Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape. -Dr. Michael McGriffy Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am in, to be content. Always set a place in your life for the unexpected guest. UnknownLet brotherly love continue. When I was appointed to Holy Cross-Immaculata by Archbishop Schnurr, my appointment was as “administrator,” meaning that it might be long or short. This week, I found out that it will be short. That's the Village of Russia, in Shelby County, west of Sidney. A lot of folks don't realize that's in the Archdiocese, but I do. I spent a number of years in the northern part of the diocese, where folks will tell you, that's the real archdiocese.

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Jiggs has managed to wisely avoid any direct confrontation with the raccoons.

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It also is an effective critical analysis of the Emerging/Emergent/Evangelical-Charismatic/YoungRestlessReformed love affair with dangerous forms of contemplative mysticism. Read it, and feel free to respond. When I got up and looked outside I could see a slight frost together with a little breeze shaking the bare branches of the weather-vane damson tree. I decided on a spot of local birding instead of a ringing session in the bare set-aside field within yards of the coast. And in any case Andy had told me he was going for an MOT - his car, I think. Whether the old banger will last for another year or two is up for debate. A thin layer of frost soon cleared from the windscreen and luckily the roads were dry and ice-free so I drove over the bumpy moss road towards Pilling. The Fieldfares flew up to tree tops for a brief look around before they set off for their day of searching the fields. I stopped to look across the moss at a Little Owl location to see not an owl but a Kestrel atop the nest box. Desirable houses are at a premium around here, but I doubt a Kestrel would even get through the small front door, never mind raise a family of five in such an enclosed space.

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येथे आम्ही तुम्हाला सांगत आहोत त्या सवयी ज्यामुळे तुम्हाला सुंदर त्वचा मिळेल. I thought I would try stamping the silhouette image onto designer paper. I love the effect and the simplicity of this. I hand drew the ground she is standing on with a chocolate chip marker and the swirls are from the set Priceless. I also separated the words from the stamped image before mounting them on the blocks. Recipe:Stamps: She's All That, PricelessPaper: Chocolate chip and white cardstock. Pink designer paper from CTMH. Ink: Chocolate ChipAccessories: Chocolate chip twill ribbon, oval punch. SndELWWJEdnSSupErMSUPERM. while this administration hides and changes names of people who know the truth. Inspirational crystal quote of the day: “When you've seen beyond yourself, then you may find, peace of mind is waiting there. The shop does not want it. The storm drains do not want it. The streets do not want it, but the ocean does. Thank you for your cooperation. The fog is dense and laying low over these empty streets this morning as it appears as if another monsoon may roll through sometime this week. As for the surf, it is looking just as poor as this weather. Though it is glassy with only the faintest of breezes, there is zero swell. Granted the tide is extremely low and not helping with the production of waves. Though don't expect anything very much bigger than a micro ankle slider.

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Check it out! Who says Diversions can't be edumicational?. m. Central. It's not sausage in there. Just rolled up Rajma paste. Yet another one of the summer lunches I am enjoying is Taco. Mine is with Rajma and Salsa. Simply delicious!I had made Rajma for a Rajma chawal night on a week day so saved up some boiled Rajma beans for this Taco. It proved really handy for last Saturday's lunch. These summer lunches are proving to be express and no sweat ones and I'm loving it. Mix the all purpose flour and salt and knead it into a pliable dough. Hi everyone and happy Thursday to all of you. Today I have lots of fun ideas to share with you to create fun goody bags to give to friends and family this year. There are lots of these little white thin paper bags out now and these bags are the perfect size for little ATC cards to fit on the front. I used stickers from my stash and a few Spellbinders dies that I had and then finished them off with beautiful ribbons from the September Ribbon Assortment and black jute ribbon to make them really special. It's going to be fun to make up a lot of these since they are so fast and easy and you can use up some of those stickers you have been saving!! For my little Spider pail, I used an old pail that I had been saving to re-purpose, and made up a pattern first to fit over it out of plain white paper. Then I cut it out and carefully glued it to the pail and added some black ric rac from the September Ribbon Club Assortment to seal the bottom. I apologize for the error. "Known for dressing the hottest artists and celebrities, designers Dean and Dan Caten are the driving force behind the uber-hip design house Dsquared². As twin brothers with the same vision, this talented duo strives to design cutting-edge pieces that make a statement on and off the runway. Their signature scents, however, take on a totally different approach. Meet He Wood and She Wood—the brand's debut fragrances inspired by the twin's love of nature from their homeland of Canada. Strong yet hardly overpowering, He Wood and She Wood make a subtle statement so your personal style shines through—exactly as the Caten twins intended" Country: Canada. .