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The essence of this Proverb is that wisdom is better than strength. The confidence and cockiness of the athlete is legendary. The arrogance of generals and emperors fills books. But, God and history tell us that wisdom far exceeds strength. God has warned us not to depend on the arm of flesh for our victory. Hello there! Today I am hostessing this week's Viva la Verve sketch challenge. Here is my sketch for this week: Head over to the Viva la Verve Sketch Challenge blog where you can see some samples for this sketch and link up your card. I hope you'll join us - Verve gives away a fabulous prize every month! Have a great day, I will be back a little later today with another post AND be sure to stop back tomorrow when the Waltzingmouse Stamps February release kicks off!. By writing these essays, however, you will learn to apply systematically an approach that you have, no doubt, used intuitively. I am behind on blogging and on reading everyone else's blogs. Hope to catch up this weekend! This week has just been too busy, and I was blow-drying yet another godforsaken duck tonight. Don't ask. They are driving me nuts. Stay tuned. I grew a lot of chioggia beets this year, and I also seemed to have a few albino beets but the whole mix was a tad paler than you might expect. A little pink! I wasn't planning on growing albino beets this year, so I must have mixed up some seeds last year. I found the lack of colour unappealing. Oh well! I did have some normal beets too. Iran repeatedly says that its intention is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. There is ample evidence that Iran is aggressively pursuing a policy of intensive uranium enrichment in increasingly hardened facilities. It is difficult to rationalize this as something other than what it proudly states it is.

So, we've got a long-time ally who faces a point of no return.

Intense sanctions! We have the sincere pronouncements of the Bamster in that regard. Waivers for Major Customers of Iran Yep. That should really ratchet up the pressure. We've united the major oil importers of Iranian oil and gotten them to do a little bit as they slowly wean themselves or maybe not. Apparently the wiser of the rodents are beginning to sense the ship settling at the stern and are deciding that running down the rat lines before the decks are awash is the better choice. I think we are only seeing the beginning of this trend:Surprise Announcement for IndianaIt begins to look like there may be hope for restoration of the republic. Dim, I'll agree, but at least a glimmer. The concept of insurance is so simple. You join a group and pitch in some money. The idea is that if something bad happens to you there would be difficulty paying the costs. But the probability is fairly low that it will happen. Lots of payers, relatively few recipients. If you try to buy medical insurance when you've got Stage III lymphoma, you probably will cost them a lot of money. Why then is this a surprise:Colorado Insurers Say This Will Hurt!Yet, despite the utter simplicity of the concepts, we still have folks who don't get it. The Minnesota Air National Guard has two primary units located at Duluth International Airport and at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. Plus, you make expat friends who are also attending and going through the same newbie-to-Kuwait stuff that you are. Good times. So this week, I didn't see Stealth as much as last week. Do you think maybe the puking made him run? LOOL.

Honestly, I don't think so.

If he was going to run, he would have left that night, but he didn't.

Anyhooo, I have a hard time with slow.

When i saw in Sonia blog her Mee Hoon Kueh, this is one of the dish that i quite like, but normally i eat from outside, so i thought i give it a try. This is my first time attempting to do it. Should be mine first and last time trying it out as i find that eating out is easlier for me. G. I. S. p.


p. A. I am determined to improve on that. In an attempt to develop those skills, I am participating in the Attic Window Quilt Shop’s Sampler series. This series will include most of the blocks pictured above. We receive a kit and instructions and get the rest of the month to practice and make our blocks. Then we bring back our finished blocks at the next monthly meeting when we get to ask questions and see what is in store for us that month. This is what our January blocks should look like. Source: West Virginia's Traditional Country Music, by Ivan M. Tribe, Jacob L. I'm sure you've all experienced the phenomenon: some days you can't do anything right. Other days, it's almost like you could drop a ball of yarn and it would assemble itself into a perfectly knit sock. Today was one of those do-no-wrong days for me. We shall not discuss the rest of the day. Nope. An Addi Turbo, no less. I think the Needle Fairy left it one night when I wasn't looking. He, uncharacteristically, didn't even play along with the idea.

and thus inspired me to tease him with an actual celebration.

We kicked off the evening with dinner at our favorite southern BBQ restaurant in nearby Prattville. Jim 'N Nick's is incredibly delicious, thanks mostly to its signature BBQ sauce. If there are any magazine covers I've missed, please let me know. esta revista siempre tiene cosas interesantes, tutoriales e ideas muy inspiradores. para los que no pueden disfrutar de la revista en papel pueden satisfacer su curiosidad visitando su blog. if you aren't able to snap the paper magazine, maybe you'll enjoy their lovely blog. HIGH QUALITY. AWESOME PV. TAKE TRIES TO LOOK COOL, BUT HE FAILS. Remember, I will go ANYWHERE for the right offer. Flexibility: My schedule is EXTREMELY flexible. I will work around your schedule. Awesomeness: Beer is awesome. Maybe it’s the target-market-for-beer-demographic part of me talking here, but beer is so sweet. I've taken a bit of a blogging break getting ready for a baby shower for my daughter this weekend. I am finishing cards to send to friends and family who are helping me out with the brunch. Margaret's sketch at PPA this week is terrific and I decided make a vintage thank you. Bloomberg is an idiot. Just sayin' Stay safe. I have spent a wonderful week at home working in mygarden and fluffing the cottage and my front porch. I have been taking lots of vintage items and using themin different ways. I love to rearrange just as you all doand every time I do, the results just give me a fresh newfeeling!Of course I have managed to work in a little bit of pinkbecause pink is one of my favorite colors. I have decided thatI need a new pair of pink clogs. I'll have to take another vacation again soon!Lots of Love,Susan and Bentleyxxoo. Anyone who tries to smuggle tongues into the current day has a huge and well-known problem. It's the whale in the TV room: the fact that modern "tongues" in no way resemble the Biblical phenomenon, excepting only that some folks put the same label to it. Given the gap between Biblical phenomena of tongues, prophecy, and other related sign-gifts on the one hand, and modern wanna-be phenomena on the other, two major choices present themselves. A way to do the latter is to make the phenomena untestable, and therefore non-falsifiable. My friend Kim told me how easy it was to set this up. I believed her but was still a little apprehensive. I have this thing about not wanting to try new things. It's not that I don't want to try. Could be that I was given more roots than wings growing up.

Scott Bakker will finally be released this summer.

It's been five years since The White-Luck Warrior, the second volume, saw the light, so you can understand why Bakker fans are rejoicing.

Problem is, it's been a very long time in between books.

And for a midlist genre author, one that never was marketed much by his publishers to begin with, this can make things difficult. Sadly, it appears that an entire generation of SFF readers have never heard of him and some of us have been wondering about what we can possibly do to give Bakker some much-deserved exposure. I'm not sure what sort of impact this will have down the line, but I've decided to reprint my reviews of R. trees, meet forest. Does Obama really know what's going on? Probably not, nor does he care.

As a malignant narcissist, who cares only about flying around in his tax-payer supported really big plane, hobnobbing with the scum of Hollywood, and golfing - that is, when he's not playing basketball and watching ESPN, he is, no doubt, not interested nor is he kept in the loop.

I believe him when he repeatably says, "I found out about this or that when you, the little people, did. " Or, "I had no notion of such a thing being said about Benghazi. " Really? His handlers purposely keep him busy flying all over the country to talk to high school kids and raising money for the democratic party. Very, very, tastefully done indeed!. Check it out. Dig that Michael Golden cover! Hey, maybe you'd dig seeing those MM issues with Serpentyne, sometime?. Super-teams have been popular ever since the Justice Society got together to swap stories back in the Golden Age. Super-teams catapulted superheroes back into prominence during the Silver Age when DC put together the Justice League and Marvel rocked us with the Fantastic Four. By the time the Groovy Age was getting underway, the Justice League, Fantastic Four, and Avengers were holding steady, but the Doom Patrol, Metal Men, Blackhawks, Teen Titans, Legion of Super-Heroes, and the X-Men were on their last legs. Things kind of went up and down for super-teams for a couple of years. The Inhumans got a strip in Amazing Adventures. Kirby went to DC and gave us a team of gods, the New Gods, and revived the Newsboy Legion in Jimmy Olsen. While this is the December issue of GUNS, it will actually hit the newsstands in advance of the November elections. As such, this is the magazine’s last opportunity to highlight considerations affecting gun owners before we cast our votes. Hey BLM, aside from murderers of blacks from within your own ranks, are you sure you've got the right antagonists ID'd. 'You'll think I'm a Madman'. Great piece on London's Guardian Sunday magazine about LARGERFELD. But the editorial page of the Scheectady Gazette doesn't think it's such a good idea. Sorry, but we think the idea of formally introducing college kids to the excitement and beauty of thoroughbred horse racing, as one NYRA official characterized the gambit, is a bad one. That is, unless you’re a race track desperate to fatten your bottom line. Along with most other racing jurisdictions, it's said that not enough is being done to attract a younger crowd.

Seems to me though that any editorial which has to use a purely fanciful scenario such as tuition winners pissing the money away at the windows to prove its point is stretching to make one.

It is inevitable that for some college kids, the day will be a financial disaster. - I'm just about ready to move on to the Turf, but I'm still thinking about the Mile and the Distaff. I'm thinking back to Pleasant Home last year, who I picked but didn't bet, and remember that I was looking for a horse with upside, and she fit the bill. Canadian IFBB Pro. For technology to have an effective impact on student learning a solid pedagogical foundation needs to be in place. In my mind, pedagogy trumps technology and the importance of instructional design cannot be overstated. With this foundation in place the possibilities to empower students to take ownership over their learning and demonstrate conceptual mastery are limitless.

Even if you are not a fan of technology it is hard to ignore the many benefits.

As Donald Norman stated, “I'm not a fan of technology. I'm a fan of pedagogy, of understanding how people learn and the most effective learning methods. But technology enables some exciting changes. ” Image credit: Whether you are a technology fan or not, the key to success lies in our ability to integrate technology to support or enhance learning while providing students with skills that will prepare them for their future. This can be a seamless process like reviewing prior learning, checking for understanding, closure, or formative assessment. It can also be more elaborate where students select the right tool for the right task to construct new knowledge or authentically apply what they have learned. .